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The Lincoln Marathon served as a good measuring stick for me.  Time 4.18.  Target time 3:45 to 4:15.   13 minutes faster than previous marathon (Des Moines a 4.31 in October 2009, during which a strained sartorius tendon haunted me).   It was also after six months of serious cross training (a first for me).

Here’s a report card grade.

  • B for overall,
  • A for risk taking,
  • C for strategy,
  • A for recovery and
  • A for the Lincoln Marathon Event/Course.

I planned to take a somewhat aggressive first 1/2 and see how much I could hold (generally not a good idea for overall efficient marathon).


A 4.05 to 4.10 was likely within reach with proper race day tactics.  I’ll get a chance to test that out in the Brookings South Dakota Marathon on Saturday May 15th.  I don’t regret the aggressive front half – it felt effortless and the best I’ve felt in years.  It’s also closer to what I need for a Boston Qualifier. I was breathing easily.  No over-striding.  I think the change in running style (Pose), anaerobic burst training (CrossFit) and keeping fresh legs (running 4 times a week, not 6 or 7) has paid dividends.  I believe this a year to 18 month-long transition.  I’m 1/3rd to 1/2 way there.  There’s never an instant fix on the road to success.

It was a tale of two halves. 1.53 front half and 2.25 back half. Again, I somewhat intentionally wanted to see what my breaking point was in terms of the new training regiment.   I typically try even splits with a slower start. Result: out of 16 non-mountain marathons, fastest since 1996. 23 minutes over PR and 48 minutes over Boston. 15 minutes faster than 2009 marathons. Felt outstanding first 14 miles, groggy mile 15 to 20, good from 21 – 24 cramp in my quad at mile 24 and the finish in Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium 50 yard line was rush.

time: 4:18:29
pace: 9:52
10 k: 53:40
13.1: 1:53:16
20 m: 3:07:00
last 10k: 1:11:29
gun time: 4:23:11
Mile Spits: 8.54 (1), 8.28 (2),8.47 (3), 8.45 (4), 8.42 (5), 8.18 (6), 1.43 (10k) +6.34= 8.27 (7), 8.32 (8), 8.35 (9 Hill), 8.30 (10), 8.44 (11), 9.10 (12), 8.20 (13), 1.08 (1/2 – 1.53 )+9.23 = 10.31 (14)- (pit stop after 1/2 – 1 min), 10.26 (15) , 10.38 (16), 10.56 (17- pit stop 1 min), 10.15 (18), 10.55 (19), 11.31 (20 pit stop 30 sec), 10.42 (21), 10.46 (22), 12.09 (23), 11.39 (24), 12.32 (25), 11.01 (26), 1.35 (.2 9.35 pace)


  • Running miles – 140 less in 2010 versus 2009 from January to February (410 versus 550)
  • Cycling / swimming miles -160 more (152 cycling and 8 swimming) in 2010 versus 2009 (160 to 0)
  • Anaerobic burst training – primarily Crossfit – 41 WOD’s and 4 P90x in 2010 versus sporadic shoulders and arms in 2009.
  • Total time – 104 hours of training in 2010.  Not tracked in 2009
  • Feeling much stronger in 2010 than 2009 Lincoln Marathon or Des Moines Marathon,
  • Weight – 180 Lincoln Marathon in May 2009, 176 Des Moines in October 2009 and 168 Lincoln 2010

    Weekly stats
    * Running – 36.9 miles
    * Bike/spinning – 13.5 miles
    * Swimming – 0 mile
    * Rowing – 0 kilometers
    * Crossfit – WOD (workout of the day) – 3 total

    Good week of running, nice week for WOD and a little spinning. My body needed some extra rest this fifth week of Crossfit and the long run today (Saturday) was all the better for it. At a little over 19 miles today I do feel much stronger with less DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). So I think the 18 weeks of cross training is paying off!

    Sunday, Day 29 – A bit of a run (3.1 mi) with dogs in the chill (20’s, wind, light snow the usual this winter) and CF WOD Angie. Took the bold step of my first DROID video recording and posting to Youtube. In looking at the video I noticed some misses on my push up form (not quite chest to ground) and air squats (coming off toes instead of heals and not going low enough). It wasn’t a vanity trip – can be good to actually see it after the fact. Oh, Angie involves 100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 squats and 100 situps.

    Monday, Day 30 – R E S T D A Y. The whole day, not even a swim or gentle spin. And needed it – had been over 30 days since last true rest day

    Tuesday, Day 31 – CF WOD – max weight on deadlift, shoulder press and back squats at Bellevue University and Yasso 800’s at night. Woot! Made up for the rest day. Weights are detailed on exercise log – and now think I have permissions worked out so you can see a pdf without logging into google docs. Summary – DL max BS- 185, SP – 105, DL – 225. CF tot 515. Don’t think I’ve talked about the CF warm up – that in itself is challenging 15 squat (air), thrusters (air), pull ups (15), push ups(30), situp (30), back ext (15) Back Squat, Press.

    Track workout with Laura – Yasso 800’s.

    Yasso 800

    2001 highlight photo for Yasso

    For more on Yasso read this article! Yasso 800’s
    It involves 10 x 800’s with condensed recovery. Last night at Bob Devaney’s lush 200 meter indoor track (sniff, sniff). The average time is a good indicator of potential marathon time (in our case a 3:50 average would trend to a 3 hour 50 minute marathon). 10 x 800’s, 1/2 wu, 1/2 cd w/ Laura 3.51, 3.55, 3.45, 3.54, 3.49, 3.55, 3.54, 3.50, 3.50. 3.35. Approximately 3.50 average, last one was 15 seconds faster. Same workout (solo) in January resulted in a 3:59 average. We’ll do this again in early April for a 3:40 average.

    Wednesday, Day 32 – CF WOD Three Play of Thrusters, Kettle Bell and 200M sprint.  All you can do in 20 minutes.  After the full CF Warm Up (short cut yesterday’s and got grief by Mike Livergood, bless his heart) jumped into with abandon.  I’m still not sporting the best squat form. Went full load for Thrusters – 95lbs and 1/2 pood lighter on kettle bell overhead.  Got 4 clean rounds in plus 5 thrusters.  But as fate would have it, Mike appeared on my final 5 (like a shark smelling blood).  The form breakdown, not getting buns to the medicine ball would have resulted in 2 clean ones.  Great workout though.

    Thursday, Day 33. Spinning Class with Jessica at the Y and running a couple of hours after – biathlon day! Got 7 miles in at an ok clip with the dogs.

    Dog Running

    Heidi, Cash and me

    Felt a little “tweak” in my back bending over to dump some trash (maybe I should just stop that all together, the trash taking out thing).  Better job on spinning today and pushed the 7 mile run with dogs.   My daughter Rachael snapped a nice shot of the dogs – Heidi, yellow lab in front and Cash, golden retriever in back.  True running buddies that never complain about weather but do like to chase squirrels, rabbits and all sorts of dog things on the way.

    Friday, Day 34– R E S T D A Y # 2. Back was a little tender from yesterday so held off from WOD. Was thinking about a nice relaxing swim but opted for a full rest day.

    Saturday, Day 35 – Long Run Day and a nice 19.4 miles. Felt like I could go quite a few more. Nice morning, a bit chilly in shorts (regretted not taking full gear), but hands and head were toasty. Went from home to NE YMCA to Dietrich Bike trail (partial ice) to 33rd to MoPac to new trail by Antelope Creek over to Billy Wolf back to Y on 70th and a bit up Adams (for Laura’s 18). Good steady upper 9 minute / lower 10 minute pace for the most part. As shared above felt stronger afterward less groin – hip pain, and hopefully less DOMS tomorrow!