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Weekly stats

* Running – 40.3 miles
* Bike/spinning – 10.5 miles
* Swimming – 0 miles
* P90x – Week 12 workouts – Chest, Shoulders and Triceps, Back and Biceps, Legs and Back, PlyoX, 2 Ab Riper X, YogaX and XStretch
* Snow Shoveling –NONE – YES!

Somehow was able to notch 40 miles running this week, aided by 2 long runs: 12 miler on Sunday and 18 miles on Saturday. First YogaX session in 4 weeks – actually was my best attempt at so far. Have to love the ab work at the end.

Sunday, Day 78 – 12 mile run from the Lincoln Children’s Zoo with friends Laura (run) and Tony (bike) Ceraolo. Nice to get out and run over 10 miles – felt great. Stiff wind from the SW – we ran into of course. The 26 degrees felt so much better than minus 11!

Monday, Day 79 – P90x Chest, Shoulders and Triceps at home. First time seeing the DVD’s in a while – have been using the book and YMCA for the pull up bars and better weights. Was nice to get the moves going again and see how on target or off target I was for the routines (fortunately, on target for the most part). Ab Riper X to wrap up a tough workout. Oh those push ups! 😉

Tuesday, Day 80 – 3 mile run in the afternoon with the dogs – icy still but that’s life. Nice to enjoy the 20 degree thaw this week. Plyo X to finish it up. When I go through a P90x routine after a run/swim/spin I skip through the warm up – figure I’m pretty lose. Plyo is still a blast – not too much stress on heart rate even with skipping the water breaks. In reading, another P90x inspired blog, skipping through the water breaks and fast forwarding from time to time helps condense the workout.

Wednesday, Day 81 – Another 3 mile run in the late afternoon (morning runs with the snow melt and icing are dicey at best). Wrap it all up with Back and Biceps at the YMCA during kids’ swim team practice. Spied another guy doing some P90x moves and behold, he was. Very cool. Seeing improvements on pull ups – starting out first 2 to 3 “solo” and limiting weight support on the machine. Biceps felt like rubber afterward but a good kind of rubber. One benefit of taking P90x to the gym is the expanded weight options, ironic a home DVD series plugs me into the gym more. Ha ha!

Thursday, Day 82- YogaX to begin the day. What a way to begin, still leaves me trembling at end. If PlyoX, which normally is one of the toughest workouts, is the easiest for me; YogaX has been the hardest. But it’s been enjoyable to watch my improvement from completely inept to just slightly laughable! 4.1 mile late afternoon run with the two dog friends.

Friday, Day 83 – Legs and Back at Bellevue University during a late lunch. Was fun to work out in a small but nice Div 2 gym – nothing like seeing a couple of young soccer and baseball players hitting it hard. Great discovery during a wonderful consulting gig and taught me value of “take gym bag and towel with you every where”. Debated whether to swim or spin, but opted for spinning at night. Spin instructor Tom was a P90x grad and had a glossy picture with Mr. Tony Horton on the wall from earlier in person love tour in Lincoln Nebraska to show for it. Wow, legs are sore and there’s an 18 miler tomorrow…. Oh Snap!

Saturday, Day 84 – Ran 18 miles in 3 hours 29 minutes – longest since Des Moines Marathon and start of this P90x journey. Felt good the whole way with running friends Heidi (faithful running dog), Michelle, Laura and Julie. Icy in places and a wee chilly to start. Wasn’t fast but in ice and temps of 16 to 22 degrees, an 11:45 pace is just fine. Rule of thumb is 90 seconds slower in hard winter conditions compared to ideal Spring or Fall running. Going to crack open XStretch right as soon as I publish this, and maybe some Ab RiperX!

Back at the end of Week 13 and completion of this round of P90x. Now thinking about what’s next? Insanity on top of triathlon disciplines? Or continue the money of P90x upper body/core, occasional yoga/plyo and the Triathlon disciplines?

Weekly stats

  • Running – 10.5  miles
  • Bike/spinning – 23.5  miles
  • Swimming 0 yards
  • P90x – Week 7 workouts – all workouts w/ some portion of Yoga X missed and back only on legs back.

Highlight for me this week was somehow moving through a good old Nebraska blizzard, three no school days and all sorts of schedule adjustments.   You can still run, mountain bike and workout in the winter weather.  Here’s a great article from Runner’s World on preparing for it.,7120,s6-238-267-269-12331-0,00.html

Sunday, Day 43 – Chest, Shoulder’s and Triceps – No run in the morning (long run on Saturday) – wasn’t feeling the most motivated but did the workout with my oldest daughter Rachael, which brought the motivation and then some!  Weight in the 14 to 25 range and much stronger on push ups (w/ bars).  Great wrap with Ab Riper X!

Monday, Day 44 – Plyometrics.  Another good plyo workout – hint of winter weather so got 3 miles running in before the start of it.

Tuesday, Day 45 – Back and Legs.  3 miles running during the heavy snow with my dog friends.  Back and Biceps were done @ the Y on Thursday…. Improvised my own back workout – 70 minutes of shoveling with good back rotation.  Incorporated some good stances, leap frog squats and full body movement.  Kept a heart rate of 125-140 during the shoveling – so think I accomplished about as much.  No School today.

Wednesday and Day 46, Yoga. Got all the moving postures and some balanced postures.  Good way to recover from Day 2 of Shoveling.   A nice 3 mile run in 10 inches of snow to begin.  Day 2 of No School!

Thursday, Day 47, Back and Biceps –25 minutes of precor bike and then back and biceps at the Y.  Oh, Day 3 of No School – ARGGGGGH 😉

Friday, Day 48, A light run with my dog friends, Spinning Class (13 miles on bike) and  KenpoX / Ab Riper X.  Kenpo and Ab Riper were done at night.  Amazing how despite fatigue, my energy picks up once I’m into it!

Saturday, Day 49. Rest Day.  5 miles on recumbent bike at the Blair Y during swim meet.  Joshua and Annaliese hit PR’s or right at PR’s.  Very close to regional qualifying times  – really hope and pray they’re able to nail those this year!

Back at the end of Week 8!

Weekly stats (I’m looking for the perfect  application/ API that feeds 2 facebook programs, Daily Burn and TeamBeach body… or maybe I should write one)

  • Running – 25 miles
  • Bike/spinning – 24.5 miles
  • Swimming 1,300 yards
  • P90x – Week 5 workouts – all.

It was  a good and unpredictable week, seemed every day required a bit of adjustment.   I shared about the juggling act of last Sunday (11/22/09) with a Sprint Triathlon, the new tortures of the Week 5 Chest, Shoulder and Triceps.  Round 2 for that workout went much smoother today, a five-mile run helped get the blood flowing and Ab Riper X was the perfect cap.

That juggling act seemed to continue the whole week.

Monday, Day 30 – Plyometrics. This has typically been my favorite workout (having done some similar jump training before the summer’s Pike’s Peak Double weekend).   After the previous day’s triathlon,  I was feeling a wee bit tired and struggled through some of this.  I did my best and forgot the best – no sense throwing off the weekly rotation by resting a day (though sometimes that’s warranted).

Here’s the Day 30 Pictures – I’m scared to look!

Tuesday, Day 31 – always one for purchasing things as cheaply as possible, I embarked on my early P90x venture in the same way – google some ads, hit eBay and pick up some DVD’s for around $50.00.  I paid the piper though on Day 31 – Back and Biceps.   In place of a #11 DVD there was a bonus #1 DVD.  So thanks to some more googling I got the sense of what should be done.  I also promptly ordered a new set of DVD’s from Beachbody.  I’m no shill.  Though I’m a Beachbody coach, it’s a reminder that cheap is not always lowest price.  Not a lot of recourse to call a help desk that doesn’t exist for 6 month old product.

Paying the piper meant google and finding a couple of good overview of the workout.  I find a nice series here (take a peek), scribed the workouts and hit the workout at our YMCA while my kids were at swim team (though tough, they had the tougher workout – 90 laps =])   My arms felt like falling off would feel better than the wonderfully painful rotation of 2 bicep and 1 pull/chin up workout.  Wow!

Wednesday and Day 32, Yoga.  I really didn’t want to do Yoga.  Kids were at home and it was my turn to watch them.  I was debating a 1/2 Yoga X workout.  Then it happen.  Weather warms up, kids play with friends and my Yoga workout turned out well and full duration.  I still stink on the Warrior 3 poses and routines.  Abs were hurting.  Static poses were just a bit better (can do the bridge up for 30 seconds now!).  Yet all in all great to get er’ done!

Thanksgiving, Day 33, brought the old friend back and legs to me.   A run on Thanksgiving has been a tradition for me.  This year I added a spinning workout.  So after 6.75 miles running and 14+ miles on the bike (about 2 hours total), I felt my legs were just fine.  So in between I worked in the back pull up/chin up sets and Ab Riper X – again at the Y.  This was a fun adaptation, pushing probably more cardio but still building legs (especially spinning and some good running hills).

Ah, Friday, Day 34 KenpoX, was the one seemingly normal day.  I rested from my morning run, hit KenpoX and then a 750 yard swim at night.

So all in all, when things do go as planned, it’s OK.  Learn the workouts well and you can take them on the road.  There’s some fun in doing this stuff at your gym now (got some, “wow, you look like you know what you’re doing looks” from a few people, which was surprising for me around weights 😉

Back at the end of Week 6!