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Just got back from a nice, even 6 mile run. We’ll get a longer run in tomorrow – but nice to get a relatively quick six in. Still a bit slick in places, the 43 degree weather helped! The running gang opted out of a 5:30am run – checked in at 4:45am and the 35 degree rain with melting snow / ice made it a bit slippery.

Will be sharing wrap up details for P90x in a bit. Wonderful core and all around workout.

My new passion is It’s shares some muscle confusion concepts but in a radical whole body movement way. It’s also the “open source” community feel to the more polished beachbody commercial vibe. Now I thoroughly enjoyed P90x and highly recommend it – just taking the next step

Weekly stats

* Running – 40.3 miles
* Bike/spinning – 10.5 miles
* Swimming – 0 miles
* P90x – Week 12 workouts – Chest, Shoulders and Triceps, Back and Biceps, Legs and Back, PlyoX, 2 Ab Riper X, YogaX and XStretch
* Snow Shoveling –NONE – YES!

Somehow was able to notch 40 miles running this week, aided by 2 long runs: 12 miler on Sunday and 18 miles on Saturday. First YogaX session in 4 weeks – actually was my best attempt at so far. Have to love the ab work at the end.

Sunday, Day 78 – 12 mile run from the Lincoln Children’s Zoo with friends Laura (run) and Tony (bike) Ceraolo. Nice to get out and run over 10 miles – felt great. Stiff wind from the SW – we ran into of course. The 26 degrees felt so much better than minus 11!

Monday, Day 79 – P90x Chest, Shoulders and Triceps at home. First time seeing the DVD’s in a while – have been using the book and YMCA for the pull up bars and better weights. Was nice to get the moves going again and see how on target or off target I was for the routines (fortunately, on target for the most part). Ab Riper X to wrap up a tough workout. Oh those push ups! 😉

Tuesday, Day 80 – 3 mile run in the afternoon with the dogs – icy still but that’s life. Nice to enjoy the 20 degree thaw this week. Plyo X to finish it up. When I go through a P90x routine after a run/swim/spin I skip through the warm up – figure I’m pretty lose. Plyo is still a blast – not too much stress on heart rate even with skipping the water breaks. In reading, another P90x inspired blog, skipping through the water breaks and fast forwarding from time to time helps condense the workout.

Wednesday, Day 81 – Another 3 mile run in the late afternoon (morning runs with the snow melt and icing are dicey at best). Wrap it all up with Back and Biceps at the YMCA during kids’ swim team practice. Spied another guy doing some P90x moves and behold, he was. Very cool. Seeing improvements on pull ups – starting out first 2 to 3 “solo” and limiting weight support on the machine. Biceps felt like rubber afterward but a good kind of rubber. One benefit of taking P90x to the gym is the expanded weight options, ironic a home DVD series plugs me into the gym more. Ha ha!

Thursday, Day 82- YogaX to begin the day. What a way to begin, still leaves me trembling at end. If PlyoX, which normally is one of the toughest workouts, is the easiest for me; YogaX has been the hardest. But it’s been enjoyable to watch my improvement from completely inept to just slightly laughable! 4.1 mile late afternoon run with the two dog friends.

Friday, Day 83 – Legs and Back at Bellevue University during a late lunch. Was fun to work out in a small but nice Div 2 gym – nothing like seeing a couple of young soccer and baseball players hitting it hard. Great discovery during a wonderful consulting gig and taught me value of “take gym bag and towel with you every where”. Debated whether to swim or spin, but opted for spinning at night. Spin instructor Tom was a P90x grad and had a glossy picture with Mr. Tony Horton on the wall from earlier in person love tour in Lincoln Nebraska to show for it. Wow, legs are sore and there’s an 18 miler tomorrow…. Oh Snap!

Saturday, Day 84 – Ran 18 miles in 3 hours 29 minutes – longest since Des Moines Marathon and start of this P90x journey. Felt good the whole way with running friends Heidi (faithful running dog), Michelle, Laura and Julie. Icy in places and a wee chilly to start. Wasn’t fast but in ice and temps of 16 to 22 degrees, an 11:45 pace is just fine. Rule of thumb is 90 seconds slower in hard winter conditions compared to ideal Spring or Fall running. Going to crack open XStretch right as soon as I publish this, and maybe some Ab RiperX!

Back at the end of Week 13 and completion of this round of P90x. Now thinking about what’s next? Insanity on top of triathlon disciplines? Or continue the money of P90x upper body/core, occasional yoga/plyo and the Triathlon disciplines?

Weekly stats

  • Running – 23.25  miles
  • Bike/spinning – 13.2  miles
  • Swimming – 0 miles
  • P90x – Week 11 workouts – Chest & Back, Shoulders and Arms, Legs and Back, 4 Ab Riper X and KenPo
  • Snow Shoveling –45 minutes

Talk about a challenging week to run outside.  I made it 3 times outside and 2 track workouts inside.  Temps dipped into minus 14 range overnight Thursday – Saturday.  Brrr… 

Sunday, Day 71 –  Walk/jog 1+ mile to get the car parked back at church, chest and back as well as 5.7  miles on bike and Ab RiperX at the Y.   Great to have P90x in the inclement weather.  Not making gains on every routine, but overall better workout.  The push up bars (used since week 4 at home or at Y) really stress the form.   Pull up routines benefit from the Precor pull up machine (allows a little weight to boost) as well as straight out trying it.  Still not above 12 in one shot.  Really enjoy the chest/arm/ab workout!

Monday, Day 72 –  3.2 miles – with last 2 at an elevated track at Faith Lutheran during boy scouts.  Felt great to just run without worry of footfall on ice/snow.

Tuesday, Day 73 –  Ran 6 from Lincoln High at night (good footing on the trails) and Ab Riper X core (all exercises except for the sit up modified). 

Wednesday, Day 74 – Ran 6 from home with dogs Heidi and Cash.  Much slower.  In advance of another, thankfully lesser, snow fall.  Spikes held up well.  Went from 9:50 pace on Tuesday night to 11:10 mile.  Yuck!  Shoulders and Arms at the Y afterward.

Thursday, Day 75-  7.3 miles on bike at the Y – much faster than Sunday.  Maintained a 15mph pace.  Then Legs and Back, Ab RiperX!  Tony Horton comes to town on Friday so better look good!

Friday, Day 76 –  2 miles running in minus 5 weather, with dogs, then KenpoX.  Met Tony Horton and other area coaches tonight!  What a blast of encouragment.  Nice to have him stop in right after a flight when he could have ducked and crashed in the hotel to rest.  What an inspiration!  I’ll be with my kids on Saturday at a swim meet, so will miss out on the group work. 

Saturday, Day 77 – Ran 5 miles at 8:30 clip at a nice indoor track at Norfolk YMCA during the kids’ swim meet.  Joshua and Annaliese rocked during their swim events!  Also Ab RiperX (4 times this week)!  Mason Twists with medicine ball on final 10.  Probably my biggest improvement in P90x has been the Ab Riper X.  The first workout I had to take 2 minute breaks between each of the 11 routines, fading and falling to match the reps on final 5.  Now I can actually add to each one. 

Back at the end of Week 12 which kicked off with a great 12 mile run on Sunday!

Weekly stats

  • Running – 33.58  miles
  • Bike/spinning – 23.2  miles
  • Swimming – .57 miles
  • P90x – Week 10 workouts – Chest & Triceps, Back and Legs
  • Snow Shoveling –0 but more to come!
This was a miss and miss week for P90x as it took a back seat to ensuring I met some fun mileage goals (triathlon disciplines) for 2009.  So lots of running, a bit of cycling and 1,000 yards in the pool.  Result was 2 P90x upper body workouts and 2  Ab RiperX.  This brings up the, what if I miss a week?  My thought, just add that on the end (so your P90x is P97x).  It seems the majority of Beach Body enthusiasts run through at least 2 P90x rotations and then jump into Insanity, etc.  

Sunday, Day 64 – Rest Day – easy run to recover.

Monday, Day 65 –  Ran a shade under 6 in the ice.  Lost a YakTrax along the way.

Tuesday, Day 66 –  12 miles of running, 20+ of spinning and Chest and Triceps as well as Ab RiperX.  2 more days in 2009 for working out and yes, a fun day at the Y.  I’ve found myself taking the book to the Y more than hitting the vid’s of late.  And that’s ok!

Wednesday, Day 67 – 1,000 yard swim.  Was flat out tired after yesterday’s combo workout of 4 hours.

Thursday, Day 68 –  New Year’s Eve Day – 9+ mile run to notch 1,500 running miles in 2009 and 2,000+ total!

Friday, Day 69 (1/1/2001) –  Rest day – drove to GI with family to visiting an aunt-in-law in hospice.  Good day to spend with family and read.

Saturday, Day 70 – Braving the chill again – 5+ miles with Laura while Tony faithfully rode the bike.  Warmed up with KenpoX before the run.  Added weights to the routine.

Back at the end of Week 11 with 3 or 4, P90x workouts.

In a goal setting mood right now.  I’ve been able to reach most of the 2009 goals set a year ago at this time.  Here’s what’s in my master spreadsheet and measurement

2009 Goals:  2,000 total miles: 1,500 running (29 per week).. 100 swimming or 3,200 laps.. 200 bike.  Lincoln Marathon – 4:15; Pikes Peak Double!  4:55 and 7:55.  HyVee Long Course Triathlon – Finish.  Des Moines Marathon 4:10

Actual,  2,004 total miles: 1,500 running (29 per week), 24 swimming or 3,200 laps, 480+ bike. Lincoln Marathon – 4:32; Pikes Peak Double!  4:43 and 9:20.  HyVee Long Course Triathlon – Finish. Des Moines Marathon 4:31. Plus near 1/2 marathon PR @ Grand Island in August (1:44), 1/2 marathon course PR in Omaha (1:46), 5 mile and 5k times – best of this decade.  Still not under 22 minutes on 5k or 37 on 5 mile.  First open water 1k raced (where I got smoked ;-))!  Finally began P90x in October to build and repair core/pillar strength.

Quick analysis.  Was able to reach mileage goals though much more biking than planned and far less swimming.  Finished the Pikes Peak Double and Lincoln / Des Moines Marathons but 20 minutes slower than planned. Enjoyed several other races as well!  The core strength training is paying dividends in body / muscle cut and hopefully downstream in racing as well.  Feel much stronger.

Now for 2010!  The bullet list is below.  My goal is to continue total body conditioning (6 pack abs and guns!), achieve PR’s or near PR’s from the mid 90s,  continue better nutrition, have fun, further triathlon capability and avoid overuse injuries.

  • Total  Miles: 3,000 or 50% increase whoa
    • Running  1,750 to 1,800 running (33 per week or 20% increase).
      • Consistency – 30 to 35 with 12-15 40 mile plus
      • Seek out the SW track group
      • Bring P90x to summer hill workouts!
    • Swimming 52 to 100 (consistency is the word – 1 to 2 miles per week)
      • Flip turns
      • Sub 9 minute 500
      • Sub 35 mile
    • Cycling/ Spinning 1,200 (20+ per week or 1 spin session and 1 to 2 good rides in the summer)
      • Secure a decent road bike
      • Continue spinning
      • Century Ride!
    • P90x – continue core and upper body 2-3 times per week
    • Possible 1 round of “Insanity” to learn techniques for track.
    • Races
      • State Farm 10 mile, sub 80 minutes (March)
      • Lincoln Marathon 4 hours or bust (May)
      • Brookings Marathon, 2 weeks after Lincoln 4 hrs to 4:20
      • HyVee Long Course Triathlon – sub 3 hours or 20 minutes faster (June)
      • Leavenworth 1/2 Iron Man (Sept)
      • Des Moines, sub 3:45 (Oct)
      • Pikes Peak Ascent 4:15 for Wave 1 qualifier
      • GI 1/2  (1:40) and Omaha 1/2 (1:44)
      • CSG’s 5k – sub 22
      • Buffalo Run, 5 mile, sub 38
      • Girls on the Run with Annaliese – for fun
      • Other races with kids for fun!

Weekly stats

  • Running – 25.89  miles
  • Bike/spinning – 63.0  miles
  • Swimming – 0
  • P90x – Week 7 workouts – core synergies
  • Snow Shoveling – 3 hours, 25 minutes, 7 rounds, (yes it’s legit).  Aerobic/Anaerobic equivalent of 20 miles.
Good week for the “core” part of P90x.  There’s four more weeks of the “extreme” part before a few “recovery days” and end of P90x, round 1.  All AbX workouts and the 3 traditional strength workouts are back this week.  I bypassed Plyo/Yoga and KenPo this week due to heavy running/spinning load (89 miles) and alternate KenPo/Plyo workout – Snow ShovelingX.  Yeah, snow shoveling can be great exercises, especially after 13 inches of snow over a 3 day period in the worst blizzard these parts have seen since the mid 1970’s.  Check out this reference from renowned distance runner and coach Dick Beardsley.

Sunday, Day 57 – Chest and Back.  The first workout returns and some improvement from Day 1 and Day 8.  All push ups were done with a push up bar (amazing to think I can now do over 250 push ups across the multiple types).   Pull ups were done on a chilly bar outside.  It was all fun though.  Ab RiperX is something I continue to look forward to and no longer dread.

Monday, Day 58 –  4.2 mile run at pretty good clip with my dog friends (Heidi and Cash) and 8 miles on the Precor bike during the kids’ swim team.  No Plyo today – felt the run/bike was sufficient.  Did work in some sprints on the bike.

Tuesday, Day 59 – Shoulders and Arms, nice return to this Phase 1 routine as well (did this following the book at Y).  Also AbRiper X.  9 miles of running (6 outside w/ dogs and 3 on the “dreadmill” at the YMCA) and 18.5 of spinning.  Great aerobic day.  Busy day of workouts!

Wednesday, Day 60 – Gee maybe I should get a day 60 picture – or how about Day 75?  Yoga day was spent spinning 18.2 miles and slipping through the rain ice of the leading edge of the blizzard for a mile with Heidi and Cash.

Thursday, Day 61 –  Back and Legs, following the book at the Y, 18.3 miles spinning (wow one of the toughest ones yet), Ab RiperX and 2.15 miles running at the onset of the blizzard.  Another good tough 20 mile day.  Plus Round #1 of the Shoveling brigade!  I wish the weather was a bit nicer, would make the workouts easier, but that’s not how it is and there’s a certain twisted joy in overcoming extreme obstacles!

Friday, Day 62 –  KenPoX is replaced by 3 more  rounds of ShovelingX.  All kidding aside, the pillar and core strength helped the shovel only enthusiast in me make it through today.  Plus 1.44 miles of running with the dogs during the peak of the blizzard (insane fun running against 30 – 40 mph winds and 3 foot drifts).

Saturday, Day 63 – 8 mile trail run with friends on the newly cleared MoPac.  Yes I live in a city that clears the bike trails before the residential streets and it’s a good thing!  3 more rounds of shoveling at home and helping others. Arms and obliques are sore but plenty of stretching to help!

Back at the end of Week 10!

Weekly stats

  • Running – 32.5  miles
  • Bike/spinning – 0 miles
  • Swimming 750 yards
  • P90x – Week 6 workouts – missed Yoga and Leg/Back (for shame!)

Highlight for me this week was nailing all Ab Riper X workouts!  This was the workout I struggled most with at the beginning (though I still tremble at the word – fifer scissor!)

Sunday, Day 36 – Chest, Shoulder’s and Triceps – improvement on each set in terms of #’s.  Getting ready to inch the weight up to 14lb’s and 25lbs.  There are just some exercises that floor you – slow motion push ups!  Good run to start and Ab RiperX to finish!

Monday, Day 37 – Plyometrics.  Really getting the hang of this and continues to be one of my favorite.  My “ah-ha” and best result is the increased range of motion on the swing kicks.

Tuesday, Day 38 – Back and Biceps.  The ‘legit’ DVD’s in hand I was happy to know I interpreted most of the routines well the week before (except for the locomotive and hammer curls, whoops).  Definitely left my arms trembling all day.  Some improvement on the pull up/ chin up routine.  Am looking forward to the Day 90 test to see how many more than my baseline I can do (which was  a very merger 3 at the start for pull ups).  Kept pace on all Ab RiperX without rest.

Wednesday and Day 39, Yoga. Missed it – yikes!  Had a good day of running and opted to stretch – got caught short on time.

Thursday, Day 40, Back and Legs – Missed it as well – hit the running trails hard in a blistering 20 degree weather.

Friday, Day 41, A light run with my dog friends,  KenpoX, and 750 yard swim were a perfect Friday before the long run routine.  Really enjoying KenpoX.  I think the punch position of the fist might be off (thumb should be brought around around the bottom of fingers instead of behind, but hey, it works).  Ab RiperX to cap it off for the 3 rotation week!  Swimming right after Ab RiperX really helps a guy feel those abs – yikes!

Saturday, Day 42. Rest Day.  Well not really – a very efficient 12.5 mile early morning run, about 17 degrees.  Can feel the benefit of improved core and pillar!  Longest run since Des Moines’ Marathon on October 18th.  Watch my Huskers win a game against Texas until questionable “additional second” was added – but great defensive game by both teams.  Thinking there may be some offensive coordinator possibilities at each school.  Ndamkung Suh threw Colt McCoy around like a rag doll – wonder if he’s into P90x!

Back at the end of Week 7!

Weekly stats (I’m looking for the perfect  application/ API that feeds 2 facebook programs, Daily Burn and TeamBeach body… or maybe I should write one)

  • Running – 25 miles
  • Bike/spinning – 24.5 miles
  • Swimming 1,300 yards
  • P90x – Week 5 workouts – all.

It was  a good and unpredictable week, seemed every day required a bit of adjustment.   I shared about the juggling act of last Sunday (11/22/09) with a Sprint Triathlon, the new tortures of the Week 5 Chest, Shoulder and Triceps.  Round 2 for that workout went much smoother today, a five-mile run helped get the blood flowing and Ab Riper X was the perfect cap.

That juggling act seemed to continue the whole week.

Monday, Day 30 – Plyometrics. This has typically been my favorite workout (having done some similar jump training before the summer’s Pike’s Peak Double weekend).   After the previous day’s triathlon,  I was feeling a wee bit tired and struggled through some of this.  I did my best and forgot the best – no sense throwing off the weekly rotation by resting a day (though sometimes that’s warranted).

Here’s the Day 30 Pictures – I’m scared to look!

Tuesday, Day 31 – always one for purchasing things as cheaply as possible, I embarked on my early P90x venture in the same way – google some ads, hit eBay and pick up some DVD’s for around $50.00.  I paid the piper though on Day 31 – Back and Biceps.   In place of a #11 DVD there was a bonus #1 DVD.  So thanks to some more googling I got the sense of what should be done.  I also promptly ordered a new set of DVD’s from Beachbody.  I’m no shill.  Though I’m a Beachbody coach, it’s a reminder that cheap is not always lowest price.  Not a lot of recourse to call a help desk that doesn’t exist for 6 month old product.

Paying the piper meant google and finding a couple of good overview of the workout.  I find a nice series here (take a peek), scribed the workouts and hit the workout at our YMCA while my kids were at swim team (though tough, they had the tougher workout – 90 laps =])   My arms felt like falling off would feel better than the wonderfully painful rotation of 2 bicep and 1 pull/chin up workout.  Wow!

Wednesday and Day 32, Yoga.  I really didn’t want to do Yoga.  Kids were at home and it was my turn to watch them.  I was debating a 1/2 Yoga X workout.  Then it happen.  Weather warms up, kids play with friends and my Yoga workout turned out well and full duration.  I still stink on the Warrior 3 poses and routines.  Abs were hurting.  Static poses were just a bit better (can do the bridge up for 30 seconds now!).  Yet all in all great to get er’ done!

Thanksgiving, Day 33, brought the old friend back and legs to me.   A run on Thanksgiving has been a tradition for me.  This year I added a spinning workout.  So after 6.75 miles running and 14+ miles on the bike (about 2 hours total), I felt my legs were just fine.  So in between I worked in the back pull up/chin up sets and Ab Riper X – again at the Y.  This was a fun adaptation, pushing probably more cardio but still building legs (especially spinning and some good running hills).

Ah, Friday, Day 34 KenpoX, was the one seemingly normal day.  I rested from my morning run, hit KenpoX and then a 750 yard swim at night.

So all in all, when things do go as planned, it’s OK.  Learn the workouts well and you can take them on the road.  There’s some fun in doing this stuff at your gym now (got some, “wow, you look like you know what you’re doing looks” from a few people, which was surprising for me around weights 😉

Back at the end of Week 6!

Will begin Day 31 of P90x today, but am thinking about Day 29.  There are so many good blogs out there on it.  One of my favorites is from a real overachiever in the San Francisco Bay area –  Check it out.  It’s a nicely daily diary of his journey!

Sunday, Day 29 was  torture in terms of beginning the week 5 rotation after a morning Sprint triathlon.   Held indoors at the Northeast Lincoln YMCA in support of the Strong Kids Campaign,  the Sprint was a blast.

Even more rewarding was doing this alongside my son Joshua.  He ripped through the kids dualthon.  He finished his 50 yard swim and 3/4 mile way too fast (should have done the 100 yard swim and 1 mile for the 11-13 age group, actually wished he would have swam my 500).  The good news he was there to run the lap counter and lament that dad still doesn’t have his flip turn down (I can coach it and did it in high school but need to tune it).  A pedestrian 10:30, 500 yard swim (need to get that to 8 minutes soon), fast 10 mile bike (32 mph- love the spin machines) and good 5k on treadmill (23:55) left me pumped.

And left me lamenting the new set of punishment and torture in the evening.  This was probably my most lack  luster workout of them all, yet was glad I still brought it, tried my best and forgot the rest.   1 ARM push-ups, now familiar chair dips and pike push-ups were just what I needed to bring me out of my shell.   All 24 exercises were worth it.

Core  and Pillar Strength Motivation

I’ve been blessed this year to hit mileage highs for the 2000’s: 1,500 running, 475 cycling and 25 swimming miles.  I’m nudging personal bests from 5k to 1/2 marathon (running).   I’ve been able to extend my fledgling triathlon pursuit to the Olympic distance and had the thrill of completing my first Pike’s Peak Double in August.  Trimming my marathon time back into 4 hours and onward 3 hours 30 minutes have proved daunting though.  While on track for a good marathon time in October (perfect day and course at the Des Moines Marathon on October 18th) – a sore  left Sartorius / Hip Flexor muscle group jumped into the fray.  It was a recurrence of a similar, more significant pull from 1996.

What happened?

Revving through a course PR Omaha 1/2 marathon, I felt the left quad/groin area sing a bit – actually scream – coming down a steep hill at mile 9.  Finishing the race strong, I thought nothing of it until the next day and ensuing 3 weeks.  So hobbling to the Des Moines Marathon start 3 weeks later, thanks to some ice, cold soaks and vitamin “I” (ibuprofen) – I reflected — “it’s time to get serious about the root cause”.   My 4 hours 30 minutes was ok and I was grateful to finish – but not nearly what my average 1/2 marathon times of 1:45 and weekly mileage were trending toward (3:50 to 4 hours).


You see the root was more of trunk cause – the core / pillar strength, or from right above my knee to below my pecs.  Years of running had weakened the quad area and at times gave me a false pass on core/pillar conditioning.  My strength training focused on the shoulders, arms, upper chest with occasional grudging crunches or leg lifts.   So in essence, I was running on limbs with poor support from the trunk.  Swimming had helped improved the trunk, but I was in desperate need of more. Classic mistake.

Solution – P90x

In early June I had the idea that core strength should be high on my list.   I had watched enough of the P90x infomercials and thought, “didn’t seem like a magic-exer-waist band, roller, glider gizmo fraud” (the lengthen excerpt below discusses this at length). Plus they looked pretty ripped.  Even if I could get 50% of the results, then worth the venture.  Sealing the deal was the impact it made in some of my friends lives, who went from sedentary to healthy weight/nutrition over a several month span.

So felt God had laid one of those lemonade from lemon moments and placed the perfect opportunity to “get real”.  Post Des Moines marathon seemed to be the perfect time start (and stave off those post marathon “blues”).

I wanted something I could hit after a morning run with little or no additional equipment.  I used to do something similar, or attempt to, at the YMCA before I began running with my most devoted running partner, Heidi – 65lb yellow lab of endless hyper energy.  But having her sit, down, wait, stay is not her strength while I hit it for 45 minutes after our run.

The beginning

Start of Core/Pillar Strength - 90 day program


After my lovely wife captured the obligatory “Day 1 picture mugshot” of me slumping over, pushing the gut out, unshaven, adderall deprived, kids mocking me and looking scary, I began my journey.  It does seem, as with any program, that the end picture, in this case Day 90,  involves each man getting a man scape:  shave/wax to remove chest hair, score a new hair do, bleach those pearly whites, some fake bake, and put on the happy music for the overall ‘vibe’!  Women go through their own mysterious “after” routine.  But I digress there.

Week 1 to 2 were tough!  In a nasty, good, fun way.  My left sartorius area was still tender and could feel it on the jump training (plyometric), Ab X, Yoga and Back Leg exercise routines.  Specific exercises that helped me remember Mr. Sore Sartorius was still there were the “hot foot felonies”, “scissors of stress” and “warrior torture pose”.  By the middle of Week 2 I could feel the core and pillar strengthen with validation on a series of speed/ track workouts.  In Week 3 to this Week (4) I’ve noticed a trimming of about 1 inch on waist from my runner’s / sympathy child birth weight gain “pooch” (which when your youngest is 8 years old and you’re a guy, doesn’t buy a whole lot of , scratch that, any sympathy).

Do I have six-pack abs yet?  No.  But I’m getting closer.  The “insulation around those six-pack abs to help keep the beverages cold” has been reduced.  I think I qualify for a 2 pack.  I’m not at the point where those abs can be used as a wash board, but at least I can see where the washboard is at in laundry room closet.  Get it?

Next Steps

I’m eager to not only finish the 90 days but to keep this as a continual habit.  It takes 21 days to form a new habit (good, bad habits seem to in grain after 2 days).  I’m there and more importantly am eager to see the proof in the pudding for the 2010 marathon, road race, triathlon  other crazy stuff that 45 year olds “shouldn’t do” type schedule.

If this helps you – please let me know.  If you’ve found another way to strengthen your core and pillar, share that as well.  I’ve included additional references below from  You don’t have to run out and purchase P90x or any Beachbody product.  You don’t need to rush to a local health club bootcamp.  Though either one is not a bad idea and will help keep you on target!  You can follow your own path.  I just found that the lack of a video (Tony’s smiling face) or a group (what I have in running with human and dog friends, or spinning, cycling and swimming next to my kids) tends to diminish my enthusiasm and accountability.

If you would like to explore some of the BeachBody offerings, I recommend it.  Please check it out on the this site.

Absolutely effective abdominal exercises for building your core strength

American Running Association

Core strength is essential for optimum health and athletic performance. You develop some core strength just doing what you do-moving throughout your day, including running.

But to optimize core strength you will have to apply yourself to specifically strengthening your abdominal muscles. Your payoff will be better running performance, lower risk of back pain, and last but not least, an aesthetically pleasing midsection.

You won’t want to waste your time or money, however, on ineffective exercises or expensive gizmos. In a study from San Diego State University, researchers tested and ranked the leading abdominal exercises and equipment and found some surprises.

Effectiveness was evaluated by measuring muscle activity using electromyography. For one, the ubiquitous “crunch” is way down the list (11th out of 13) for effectiveness. But even the poor crunch bettered the Ab Rocker, which (for nearly $70) came in dead last for effectiveness.

None of the tested equipment (Torso Track, Ab Roller, or Ab Rocker) targets the abdominal muscles as well as these top-rated exercises: the Bicycle maneuver, Captain’s chair, crunches on an exercise ball, and the reverse crunch (see below for descriptions).

Additional References: Core and Pillar Strength