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Weekly stats

  • Running – 32.5  miles
  • Bike/spinning – 0 miles
  • Swimming 750 yards
  • P90x – Week 6 workouts – missed Yoga and Leg/Back (for shame!)

Highlight for me this week was nailing all Ab Riper X workouts!  This was the workout I struggled most with at the beginning (though I still tremble at the word – fifer scissor!)

Sunday, Day 36 – Chest, Shoulder’s and Triceps – improvement on each set in terms of #’s.  Getting ready to inch the weight up to 14lb’s and 25lbs.  There are just some exercises that floor you – slow motion push ups!  Good run to start and Ab RiperX to finish!

Monday, Day 37 – Plyometrics.  Really getting the hang of this and continues to be one of my favorite.  My “ah-ha” and best result is the increased range of motion on the swing kicks.

Tuesday, Day 38 – Back and Biceps.  The ‘legit’ DVD’s in hand I was happy to know I interpreted most of the routines well the week before (except for the locomotive and hammer curls, whoops).  Definitely left my arms trembling all day.  Some improvement on the pull up/ chin up routine.  Am looking forward to the Day 90 test to see how many more than my baseline I can do (which was  a very merger 3 at the start for pull ups).  Kept pace on all Ab RiperX without rest.

Wednesday and Day 39, Yoga. Missed it – yikes!  Had a good day of running and opted to stretch – got caught short on time.

Thursday, Day 40, Back and Legs – Missed it as well – hit the running trails hard in a blistering 20 degree weather.

Friday, Day 41, A light run with my dog friends,  KenpoX, and 750 yard swim were a perfect Friday before the long run routine.  Really enjoying KenpoX.  I think the punch position of the fist might be off (thumb should be brought around around the bottom of fingers instead of behind, but hey, it works).  Ab RiperX to cap it off for the 3 rotation week!  Swimming right after Ab RiperX really helps a guy feel those abs – yikes!

Saturday, Day 42. Rest Day.  Well not really – a very efficient 12.5 mile early morning run, about 17 degrees.  Can feel the benefit of improved core and pillar!  Longest run since Des Moines’ Marathon on October 18th.  Watch my Huskers win a game against Texas until questionable “additional second” was added – but great defensive game by both teams.  Thinking there may be some offensive coordinator possibilities at each school.  Ndamkung Suh threw Colt McCoy around like a rag doll – wonder if he’s into P90x!

Back at the end of Week 7!