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Shared this in our Freaky Fast Face Group before Lincoln Marathon – 2013.  Very text’y and no pics. Image 🙂

Marathoner / 1/2 marathoners – some tips.
I probably should save this in a text file since I repost something akin to it each year.
1. Grab a cheap poncho, throw away long sleeve t-shirt and gloves. The weather looks like light rain ending by 8am, little chilly, 40’s on Sunday. Should be in 50’s for marathoners and nicer coming back out of Holmes Lake. This is actually good weather. You won’t want to keep the extra gear on – by the time you hit South Street, you all will be warm. ALSO DON’T overdress. We’ve had a longgggggggggggg extended winter/spring. Remember those runs when you overdressed and then left your pants, hats, sports bras at my door leaving me with all sorts of explaining to do!
2. Take some chaps stick – good for chafing. Put on lips (duh), nipples, under arm.
3. Walk through water stations – keep to your right and ease back in gracefully. Sheridan and 48th are packed, but there’s room. Early on adrenaline’s a kicking and you don’t want to slow down. In Lincoln the marathon doesn’t really start til you kiss 70th street good bye and ½ begins on the downhill of 20th. I’ve found it helps a ton to break in some other exercises (easy squats, a lunge, even a push up) at about every 10k. I’m too OCD to try Galloway’s method of run/walk, but there’s some solid science behind it. For anyone over 3 hours on marathon, 1:30 on a half, ensuring you get refueling will more than offset the time to get the fuel. (Joel you can therefore ignore all water stations ;-))
4. Take liquids at each stop but don’t overdo it. Hypernatremia (really means low sodium relative to amount of water) can be as much a problem as Dehydration from 3 hours on. Take the bananas/oranges when offered. GO WITH WHAT YOU Trained with. You know your body
5. Don’t worry about exact pace plans from mile 1-3. This event is quite a bit bigger. It’s actually a good idea to have your first mile the slowest (as the case in my 2011 Lincoln Marathon).
6. Marathon – a couple ibuprofen’s can help at 2 hours – don’t overdo. 2 is enough. Also if sodium is an issue for you (my case with non-existent thyroid) some pretzel sticks in a bag or salt packet sprinkled on the oranges handed out at 10th street help a ton.
7. Sunglasses, hat can help. Store your ipod until after the trail on Highway 2 or at least keep it on low. We don’t want any Freaks looking clueless and not allowing someone to pass (whether that person should pass ya is another story).
8. Marathon – On the Highway 2 trail check your instinct to pick it up to pass a lot
a. Slightly slower 1.75 miles will mean nothing over the course of expended energy for not much gain
b. Sloppy feet, if muddy, ain’t fun
c. Related, don’t weave side to side like the Harlem Shake. Why run 13.7 or 26.9? Look ahead a ¼ mile and make a straight line, keep on that sight line.
9. Have fun! Really, enjoy the day. Embrace it. Marathons and Ultras are difficult to “race”. So just enjoy it
10. Encourage others – we’re all good at that anyway, there’s a powerful psychological and spiritual release when you do. When you’re mind says give up, you still have over an hour of energy at least to go!