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Those “Pose” running technique, barefoot running and a reexamination of assumed running best practice have combined for a perfect storm within the field of running. 30 year old norms and assumptions have been pushed and strained – that 30 year date goes to the late 70’s and introduction of “heel to toe” support by Nike, Brooks and running experts. By having shoes absorb and attempt to take away some or all of the pain of running, an onslaught of running injuries has ensued – though causation and correlation have not confirmed. Meaning, don’t throw out everything that works for you, but do examine and test it.

Having adopted elements of the pose technique (2008) and occasional barefoot running (in 2009), I can attest it does make a difference. Now on to my first pair vibram 5 finger shoes and more adaptation.

Pose running technique: a beginner’s guide | Sports Injury Bulletin

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