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What a week:

  • Horrific event of the
    Boston Marathon bombing on April 15.
  • Heroism
    of runners, families, first responders, friends, all Bostonian on
    display immediately after. An overwhelming response by
    the global running community.
  • On April 19,
    Islamic terrorists Tamerlan Tsarnaev killed after gun fight and his
    younger brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev apprehended late in the
    day. (The source of the terrorism doesn’t matter, you’re punk

Least any cell or wannabees think
they’ve deterred the marathon spirit. Forget it. You’ve
absolutely hardened the resolve of a tribe of people who think
shredded blisters, bloody nipples, lactic acid, depletion and
dehydration are sign of a good time. We’ll give blood after
the 26.2 and, though on the lighter side of weight, would gladly
take you out one on one. Forget also any copy cat activity.
If you can find Nebraska on the map, cross that off your list for
our little marathon on May 5. Here’s six hints why.

  1. Memorial Stadium is not a smart place to
    target. It’s big and fortress like. We lock it down and take
    immense pride in it. Husker nation is already absolutely
    torked at you – touch the stadium and you’ll see what wrath is

    Lincoln Marathon Finish –
    yes it’s fortress

  2. You see legends
    have coached here – two mighty ones named Devaney and
    Osborne. They coached thousands of men who are infinitely
    more powerful than you and would snap your pencil necks for fun.
    It's Tom's House

    It’s Tom’s

  3. Should you disrupt the current
    coach’s Sunday morning routine – even worse. He’s a bit of a
    yeller, from Youngstown and from pics I’ve seen of your scrawny
    sorry selves, could easily take you out, one-handed.
    Bo Knows How to Kick your Ass
- easily

    Bo Knows How to Kick your
    Ass – easily

  4. Let’s say you make your
    way in, well you’re now awfully close to the weight room Ndamukong
    Suh built. He throws 225lb quarterbacks around for a hobby
    Do you really want to mess
with the Man name Suh?

    Do you really want to mess
    with the Man name Suh?

  5. Oh while
    you’re at it, you might think Rex Burkhead is too tenderhearted to
    put up a fight. He ain’t. He’s really Superman. When
    the Feds were calling Chuck Norris to bail them out, he called Rex
    for back up. Sure we rally 100% over kids in all walks of
    life, especially those fighting cancer, like Jack. But screw
    with those kids, like you did to the innocent eight year old boy
    Martin and we’ll make sure your appointment with God is granted
    ASAP. No, there won’t be 70 dates lined up for ya either – so
    you’ve died a virgin and a virgin you’ll remain! You will
    find the pressure cooker bomb filled back pack you placed right by
    Martin repeatedly shoved “up yours” for eternity.
    Rex and Jack - we protect
and honor kids

    Rex and Jack – we protect
    and honor kids

  6. Finally, cause if you
    do happen to bump into Rex, you’ll hack off everyone woman in the
    State. And you see, no right-to-bear arms queasiness in this
    Go Big Red State. All chica’s pack guns. And 99.5% of
    women think Rexy is Super Sexy. We wouldn’t call in DHS for
    back up – the exact opposite. We would have to call in DHS,
    NSA, CIA, whatever to stop them from crushing whatever hater
    homeland you really call home. So internet, wannabe,
    Jihadist, psychopaths keep out!
    Yes, our women can seriously
kick your butt and whatever punk cell you call home

    Yes, our women can
    seriously kick your booty and whatever punk cell you call

If this were 2009, I’d be freaking out now and not in a freaky fast way.  Why?  In the first two months of this year I’ve snagged 100 miles running.  50 a month average, with a May marathon – that’s not good.  Or it didn’t used to be.

Miles - Oh My!

Miles – Oh My!

After a running catch up in December, amidst some crappy running conditions from December 18th on (ice/snow) I felt a need to get some strength back.  So enter CrossFit Cornhusker  and my third CrossFit affiliate experience since 2010.  They’ve all been great! The other two are CrossFit Lincoln and Bellevue University.   I’m following the same training approach of my new marathon PR in 2011 – 4:00:16.  Last year I mixed a good amount of body weight, chipper, AMRAP type WODs among my run/swim/bike.  It amounted to about 2 a week.  I decided it was time to ramp up to 3.5 times a week of the full assortment of CrossFit WODs (so hello Oly Lifting, pushing through functional movement and outstanding coaching by Jordan Klasek.)

Results – a mix of miles and WODs (workouts of the day).  So when I look at time, I’m a bit more confident.  My life does not permit 8-14 hours of WODs a week.  My “happy place” is right at 6.

Time - Yes!

Time – Yes!

With that programming time I’m able to crank an occasional average Joe marathon at 40 minutes faster than my late 30’s/ early 40’s self.  Pretty cool.  That’s why I like to think of CrossFit as training for the Average Joe.  I may not reach my Boston Qualifier (BQ), but I’m a lot healthier and able to work training into a real life.   Since my kids swim for Nebraska Aquatics, I decided to ramp up the laps too.  Quick ratio – 1 mile of swimming is equal to 4 miles of running (rough, but it works).   In the first two months of this year right at 50% of my training has been CrossFit/Swimming, 40% running and 10% other (row, walk, little bit of cycling and yes, snow shoveling).

CrossFit + Max life swimming yardage + Quality Running miles =  Average Joe Happy.

Final note, I’ve enjoyed using DailyMiles over the last years.  Another way to see the mix of time/miles is through my trusty Garmin (3rd one at 410) and using the  to the max.  Garmin has been slow in adding the trending,  other workouts and analysis to Connect.  What’s there now is solid.  And I salute them!


Two week glance via Garmin Connect Calendar feature.

Market to Market – 2012

Posted: October 17, 2012 by Dave Kohrell in Triathlons

What a great weekend for running in Nebraska!

FFR @ Springfield

Team Freaky Fast Strategy Session!

Market-to-Market Relay (78 miles, 400 teams over 3,000 runners), Market-to-Market 50k (300), Double Half Mary (300total), Monument Marathon – 5k (400), Pumpkin Run in Lincoln (1,000 kids!) – 5,000 Total!

Running is something to experience NOT watch.  We will never draw the numbers on the TV.  We do absolutely kick booty for the in-person, life long experience.

My piece of weekend of racing was a part of the Freaky Fast Mixed team  – a group of eight fun, freaky and sometimes fast people – two guys, six gals!  In addition twenty other Freaks were interspersed on six other teams!  The eight person teams leaped through two or three legs, covering 3 to 5 miles at each leg and 7-11 miles for the day.  The scenery was stunning at times – yup even for Nebraska that can happen. The camaraderie among teams and within teams was inspiring.

Need a little get in your “getty-up”?!  Jump in on one of the exploding relay events, tough mudder, something that connects you with other people!

The family community feeling will transcend your own little team – you’ll see it in waves throughout the event.

Transition points on rural roads

Transition points on rural roads

One of the “misty eye” moments for me was just soaking in the mass merge of runners of all stripes at relay leg 16. It was near one of our dear long running routes on 162nd Street on the Mo-Pac trail.  Typically you’ll see a couple of runners or groups, cyclists and maybe a walker or two.  At this transition point, as later groups caught up with earlier start groups, several hundred people squeezed into a rural road and cheered their hearts out for everyone and anyone.  Simply amazing!

Brick house!

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Want to push yourself? Get faster, stronger, both? Try a brick workout – that mixes short distance (200 run, 1,000 bike or 50 meter swim) in chunks of 5. Repeat 4-5 times, keep your recovery short and watch your swim/bike/run/row raced sore.

Here’s an example from tonight with some cool friends (see pic below). This one mixed some strength too (kettle bell).

Kept clock rolling. 1/3 mile warm up w/ Heidi/ 1/4 w/ Freaky Fast gang Sherri PJ, Lissa and Tim. 4 bricks of 5- 200’s with rest = time for 200 x 1.2 to 1.5 (so a short rest). 25 kettle bell swings and squats to warm up (25# kb). Brick 1: 39, 42, 43, 45, 42. 15 kb swings. 3 minutes rest. Brick 2: 39. 42, 43 44, 42. 15 squats, Brick 3: 38, 41,39, 42, 39 4 min rest; Brick 4: 38, 40, 41, 41, 39. Brick 3 and 4 were fastest. 4k (2.48 m) – in 14minutes 6 seconds (5:41 mile pace). Jogged/walked 2 lap recovery. Last lap included KB – 10 curls (l/r), 10 side bends, 10 tri ext, 25 figure 8’s. (145 tot strength).


Christmas time post card…

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Great pic by a friend, Steve, that captures the snow flocked beauty of Pioneers Park at the Holiday Run on Dec 4…and the benefit of having a lab pull you through the snow!

There’s “snow” reason for slowing down in Winter. =-]

It’s been awhile since I shared  a post.  Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.  The culprit is being busy at work and play.

So it’s been a summer of fun – I wish I could race every weekend.  Not possible due to other events and budget (hence the busy with work).  I did enjoy some break-troughs and avoided a near break at Pikes Peak.

  • Enjoyable Havelock 10k with several Freaky Fast teams and a surprise top 3 finish for my team (thanks to a late entry for us who won top overall female!).  Nice to break 48 minutes on that course again.

    Freaky Fast teams dominate Havelock!

  • Lincoln Mile – 1st one since 2000 – snagged a slightly faster time than 11 years ago – 6:16.  Still off my PR of 5:59 in 1998, getting so close!
  • 1st sub 23 minute 5k in a long time at the Thunder Run.
  • Finally broke the 5 year average for the Buffalo Run.  This race is Lincoln’s oldest – a 5 mile hilly course in Pioneer’s Park.  Was battling my 1992-96 self.  Set a “mature” Dave PR of 37:03.

Not all was record setting this Summer and there were some challenges to navigate.

  • Due to budget and time constraints as well as desire for next triathlon to be a 1/2 Ironman, no triathlon this summer.  I was able to volunteer and serve as life guard at the CSG and lend a hand a duathlon.  If not racing, may as well help out – plus I learn a good amount by watching the elites (not that I can replicate it. :-)).
  • Took a bit of tumble at this year’s Pikes Peak Ascent – got up, dusted myself off and finished in 4:57.  A little ahead of last year, but off my own best and 42 minutes off Wave 1.
  • Due to time constraint haven’t been able to pop into my favorite CrossFit spot – CrossFit Lincoln.  I hope to again beginning in November.  Also no gym at all since June.   With strength a component of my training since October of 2009 this has posed a challenge.  The result has been fusing speed, stamina and strength together or what I call S3.  From early July to present, I’ve just used what ever I got – dumbbell, body weight, med ball, kettle bell, picnic tables, jungle gyms, park benches, etc – and rolled those into the run, bike, swim workout two to four times a week.  The result is a fusion of all three.  I’ve researched a bit of the urban or natural workout methods.  It’s not ideal but it can work.  There’s never an excuse now to exclude strength training.

So how did your Summer go?  What’s on tap for Fall?  Watching my kids enjoy Cross Country, Football and Soccer has been at the top my list.  Seeing several cross country meets has brought me back to that grass roots running that hooked my in the early 1980’s – show up, put on a number and run your best.  Not much in the way corporate sponsorship or instant electronic results, but a ton of fun!

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I live in Nebraska.  You live where you live.  Profound thinking going on here.

extreme fitness

Extreme Fitness Nebraska


15 years ago we had a smattering of running road races, occasional swim events, cycling criterions and weight lifters did their thing.  It was a quiet life in 1996.  Plus Nebraskans were basking in the glow of back-to-back National championships in college football and getting ready for a third (oh, those were the days).

Fast forward and in the last year or so there’s been an explosion of extreme events and challenges rising up in our location, smack dab in the middle of the United States:

  • Adventure races sponsored by Angry Cow Adventures racing through Wilderness Park in Lincoln or Indian Cave State Park near Peru.
  • Related Mud Runs, Hero Runs, Survivor Runs, Trail Runs, even 8k runs through golf courses — Beer and Bagel Run at Quarry Oaks.
  • The organization that sponsors the Mud Run in Lincoln, Nebraska Sports Council, also conducts one of the most successful state games in the U.S.
  • Running up sky scrapers – yes we have a few and the event is the First National Tower Trek in February of each year.
  • A marathon through the Sandhills – a truly unique place and event (my bucket list for 2012)
  • Birthing our first Olympic course triathlon in Omaha.
  • A third Xterra Bolt triathlon in August
  • Expansion of CrossFit and CrossFit games to two affiliates with more on the horizon
  • Bootcamps and body shaping classes springing forth from Omaha, Lincoln, Fairbury, Hastings, Grand Island and in almost all 93 counties.
  • Visits by Tony Horton and other BeachBody luminaries, not just once, but three or five times.
  • Situp, push up, burpee, pull up changes spontaneously busting out on Facebook

The essence of this is there’s a movement a foot – towards a higher intensity exercise and nutrition lifestyle.

I’ve created a Facebook page and am working on a fun social networking site to help crossover and get the message out.  Please “like” the XFAN Facebook page. We want 100’s, then 1,000’s, even 10,000 strong! There’s so much going on it’s easy to lose track. Whether you participate (been there), volunteer (done that) or cheer on (done that to), there’s something every week of the year.  Jump in!  And if you live in another State or Country – do the same there!

Rachael’s birthday dinner

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A little birthday fun for my sweet daughter’s 13th birthday!

Rachael's bday dinner

Happy happy birthday on this day to you...

finish line

Racing like Lightning McQueen - Cha Ching!

52 weeks of CrossFit Workouts Of the Day and Triathlon Training.   Add in the P90x round from October of 2009 to January 17 of 2010 and that’s a solid 65 week test of cross training.  The detailed statistics are available in a year end capper.  I also shared some candid results in the “Proof Positive of Training Change after the Tulsa Marathon”.  So there’s been enough summarizing already!

The last five weeks were a true rush of activity – catching up on some cycle, row and swim miles.  I have been ramping up the CrossFit WOD’s in preparation of returning to CrossFit Lincoln (which began last week!).  Through all of that and the normal Christmas – New Year’s activity rush I felt comfortable and strong.

So without further ado – here’s the highlights.

For the next 52 weeks, I’ll pop in a quick blurb from time to time regarding my weekly training.  Feel free to join me on Daily Miles for the weekly logs.  I’ve been looking at a lot, and I mean a lot, of aerobic / anaerobic/ strength training exercises and will be share much more on those in 2011.  So keep your browsers open and check back!

Five Week Stats Day 329 – 365

Week ending 12/19 12/26 1/2 1/9 1/16
Running 11.5 8 16 9.5 17
Walking / Hiking 0 0 0 0 0
Cycling/spinning 21.7 27 33 30.5 88
Swimming .57 .71 3.1 .85 0
Rowing 3.11 0 4.35 .62 3.5
CrossFit WOD’s 3 3 4 2 2
Total miles, Time. Workouts (WODs), Highlights 37 miles
Mix of workouts and CF Whitten
35 miles
4:15 hrs
Power Snatch WOD & Workout Mix
62 miles
7:48 hrs
15 WODs
Wrapped up 2010 miles – 3 mi of swim, great spin, CF WODs, 7.35 6 mile run
41 miles 4:19 hrs
10 WODs
CrossFit Luce.
109 miles, 7:27 hrs
11 WODs
Not a mileage hog but all those spin miles add up.  Plus 63 miles on bike on Friday evening into early Saturday

Joshua’s War Wound

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Rug Burn


Just slightly proud of my son Joshua’s war wound (OK turf burn from indoor football).  He made the stop and had a great game with the Nebraska Football Academy and his friends.