Welcome to the CoachDaveK website. 

I’m Dave Kohrell and one of my passions is exercise – that passion seems to find its greatest intensity in pursuing seemingly improbable goals (for myself).

I married my wife Julie in 1990 and we have been blessed with three kids ages in the middle school stage of life!

I am an enthusiastic marathoner and triathlete seeking to take the next steps towards some fun and serious goals.  Here’s my bucket list: qualifying for Boston Marathon, completing the Leadville 100 mile ultra marathon, my first Ironman triathlon, Crossfit Games (DONE – OPEN AT LEAST – 2013). and Open Water 10k swim.   Of course I may kick the bucket on one of those – but hey I’ll be smiling into eternity!

I’ve been blessed to finish 25 marathons, including 2 Pikes Peak marathons, as well as 1 ultra 50k, 19 half marathons and 7 triathlons.  My high school athletic success was marginal.  I was a grinder in swimming, track, cross country and wrestling.  However I developed a passion for working out that renewed itself with abandon in 1992.  Kids and job stresses took some of that time away.  Ran off and on, swimming was marginal and strength training was hit and miss.  In 2005 after some health snafus decided to take my training up a notch.  I’ve seen the benefits since then (12 marathons and all the triathlon activity)

Now, since I wasn’t blessed with the fast DNA, I’m taking it one step further.  Stripping away anything that entangles me, nutrition and core body strength are the two final missing elements that I believe are needed to hit some seemingly impossible goals.  99.9% of all people who run, never qualify for Boston.  My goal is to make it.  Five year’s ago a true Ironman seemed out of reach; running 100 miles was too extreme (ok some think a marathon is).  Completing my first Pike’s Peak Double in 2009 (40 miles in 2 days) instilled that the impossible can be accomplished.

Over the few years I’ve  had the benefit of connecting with many friends from all walks of life and fitness level.  God has allowed me to help a few out on their own journey to fitness.  This website allows for some real, honest conversations.

I’ve also had the importance of anaerobic and strength training drilled into my thick skull recently (October of 2009).  After a hit and miss approach to weight lifting, with focus on the shoulders, arms and pecs, a strained Sartorius muscle in my left leg (from a mid 90’s injury) reared its ugly head in late September of 2009.  I was at my near peak fitness level right before the September 2009, Omaha half marathon (and summer / fall season of good races).  Then ping!  Mile 9 felt the groin to knee area scream.  Hobbling the next 3 weeks into the Des Moines Marathon and then plodding to yet another 4:30 finish, I said, enough is enough.  So got serious with the anaerobic side of life.  This has followed 2 Steps:

  1. Beachbody products – P90x adventure from late October 2009 to mid January 2010 and
  2. Crossfit Workout Of the Day (WOD) – from P90x graduation in January 2010 to present.

This blog serves as a living laboratory to see what impact, if any, those two programs have.   So come on along, get happy!

To learn more about the professional side of my life please go to either

http://www.linkedin.com/in/dkohrell or

And of course tweet with me at


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  1. Lorene says:

    Wow..you are a die hard!!! That’s great!! And hopefully your kids will see that and follow suit if not for sports but for their own health..which is the biggest issue. I think our kids are going to be the ones who have it harder than us when it comes to health issues…it’s already evident in the statistics of obesity and growth. Keep up the hard work….it’s inspirational!! =]

  2. Jamie Wolf says:


    Thanks for the comment on my blog, I really appreciate it! It looks like you my talk of balancing biz, family and fitness does indeed resonate with you as well! You have a great thing going on too. Ironically, I twittered the other day about P90X. I have not yet tried it but was seriously considering taking things to the “next level”.

    All the best,

    Jamie Wolf
    Founder, The J. Wolf Group and Fit For A Mom

    • dkohrell says:

      Jamie – you’re welcome! And thank you. I like the biz, family and fit moniker. Sure there’s a book in it!

      P90x and now Crossfit have become a fun passion since October of last year. The marathon / triathlon training over the years has paid a lot of aerobic dividends (heart, blood pressure, etc). But limiting my strength training to hit and miss has led to a week core, which in turn led to typically overuse injuries which cascaded into not meeting some long time goals (Boston Marathon qualifier #1). Plus I do enjoy the other benefits of strength / anaerobic training in terms of a more balanced physique (my target is much more Bruce Lee than Arnold Schwarzenegger), improved joint strength and finally pain relief.

      So this blog is somewhat of a “real life” unfolding story. Call it the penguin to mid pack to front of the pack tale, with no certainty I’ll get back to the front! There’s really not a Bigget Loser type show for people who are in generally good shape but trying to take it to the next level.

      Along the way it’s been a blessing to explore this with my family and friends! 😉

  3. I’m actually doing the P90X workout, and I like it! It’s a tough workout, but you will definitly see results from it. I’ve seen results already and I’m only on day 28.

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