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Hamstrings be strong now!

Posted: October 18, 2013 by Dave Kohrell in Strength Training
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Overview of problem area for runners. Surprisingly so hamstrings and glutes are neglected in endurance running. Sprints and speed are better. We need those strong! The tendency is to become quad and calf dependent. Developing that J’Lo booty isn’t the final result, but hey why not. Strong glutes and hamstrings keep your knees, Achilles and feet so much happier. Nice article here.

Squats - do it!

Squats are king and queen!

Shin Splints – ouch!

Posted: October 17, 2013 by Dave Kohrell in Running
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PureFitness Training-Center 

Pure Fitness

Pure Fitness – Lincoln Nebraska

Hey Runners here’s a link with some Corrective Exercises that We have put together for those nasty Shin Splints. Good luck to all of those participating in the M2M. If you have questions regarding the info on Corrective Exercise for Shin Splints, please comment. Here ya go. Thanks.

Good article and even better podcast on running form and mechanics.

I’ve shared from Jason at Strength Running before.  If you look at continuum or scale he’s on the opposite end of CrossFit Endurance’s Brian Mckenzie.  So he’s more in the traditional running mileage with some body strength exercises (whereas Brian MacKenzie is strength/speed/stamina first and foremost).  Candidly I’m somewhere in between.  I respect each one though – torn am I!


Run free! But what does that mean?

The podcast and discussion with Jeff Gaudette talks about a topic in both camps – proper form, firing the glutes, lean, cadence.  Listen to this! Jeff is an Olympic Trials qualifier (2:22 marathon – sick!) and has been involved in the Hanson’s training approach.

So take a look at the article and listen to the podcast.  Good stuff.

*Key finding, more than a Pose/Chi, midfoot or heel debate, posture is critical!