Week 15 of s/b/r/r/s – swim/bike/run/row/strength – week ending 5/26/13

Posted: May 27, 2013 by Dave Kohrell in Triathlons

Getting some b/r/s in the swim/bike/run/row/ swim rotation this week and three of those were solid runs!  The running is hovering between the

Watching the kids have fun!

Watching the kids have fun!

3:45 – 3:55 training paces in RW’s Run Less, Run faster. Tempo run with the pup (Heidi), track workout of only  4 x  800’s made challenging by 2 minute compressed rest (Joel, Mary and Sherri) and an adventurous rainy Saturday morning run (with a few monsoon rains and dodging lightning) with Heidi and Michelle!

Got in the water just a bit at Meadowlane Pool as the season opens (water was cool but felt great).  A strength preview of Strong Lifts at the Y and first ride in “clip shoes” on newly tuned up Trek Alpha capped the weekend.

Activity Distribution Report for coachdavek
 Activity Type Count Distance Time Elevation Gain Avg Speed Avg HR
 Running 4 25.4 4:05:35 461 6.2 152
 Swimming 2 0.19 6:00
 Cycling 1 14.22 1:16:37 324 11.1 116
 Strength Training 1 12:00
 Summary 8 39.8 5:40:12 785 7.4 135

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