Another CFE Attack

Posted: May 17, 2013 by Dave Kohrell in Triathlons

Posting my own assessment regarding CrossFit / CrossFit Endurance. I’ve personally benefited quite a bit from CF/CFE programming since 2010. There’s a lot of flexibility in how to apply. T. J. provides a thoughtful response to a recent criticism of CFE.

Inside the Box

In a rather tempestuous post by running coach, Jason Fitzgerald, in which he flames CrossFit Endurance and Brian MacKenzie, I was motivated to respond at length in the following post. Within his rant against CFE,  he makes a series of assumptions that portray the method in an inaccurate way.

Let’s first talk about the primary thrust of his piece. Fitzgerald writes:

“I want to share my thoughts on CrossFit (CF) so you have a framework for evaluating any new training program. It would be easy for me to record a short video listing the reasons why I dislike CF, but I want to do deeper. It’s become increasingly popular among runners as a way to cross-train and increase strength. Before it’s proven itself as an effective training protocol, flocks of runners have tried to use it to become better runners, prevent injuries, or get stronger.And that leaves the question: does CrossFit help…

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