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What a week:

  • Horrific event of the
    Boston Marathon bombing on April 15.
  • Heroism
    of runners, families, first responders, friends, all Bostonian on
    display immediately after. An overwhelming response by
    the global running community.
  • On April 19,
    Islamic terrorists Tamerlan Tsarnaev killed after gun fight and his
    younger brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev apprehended late in the
    day. (The source of the terrorism doesn’t matter, you’re punk

Least any cell or wannabees think
they’ve deterred the marathon spirit. Forget it. You’ve
absolutely hardened the resolve of a tribe of people who think
shredded blisters, bloody nipples, lactic acid, depletion and
dehydration are sign of a good time. We’ll give blood after
the 26.2 and, though on the lighter side of weight, would gladly
take you out one on one. Forget also any copy cat activity.
If you can find Nebraska on the map, cross that off your list for
our little marathon on May 5. Here’s six hints why.

  1. Memorial Stadium is not a smart place to
    target. It’s big and fortress like. We lock it down and take
    immense pride in it. Husker nation is already absolutely
    torked at you – touch the stadium and you’ll see what wrath is

    Lincoln Marathon Finish –
    yes it’s fortress

  2. You see legends
    have coached here – two mighty ones named Devaney and
    Osborne. They coached thousands of men who are infinitely
    more powerful than you and would snap your pencil necks for fun.
    It's Tom's House

    It’s Tom’s

  3. Should you disrupt the current
    coach’s Sunday morning routine – even worse. He’s a bit of a
    yeller, from Youngstown and from pics I’ve seen of your scrawny
    sorry selves, could easily take you out, one-handed.
    Bo Knows How to Kick your Ass
- easily

    Bo Knows How to Kick your
    Ass – easily

  4. Let’s say you make your
    way in, well you’re now awfully close to the weight room Ndamukong
    Suh built. He throws 225lb quarterbacks around for a hobby
    Do you really want to mess
with the Man name Suh?

    Do you really want to mess
    with the Man name Suh?

  5. Oh while
    you’re at it, you might think Rex Burkhead is too tenderhearted to
    put up a fight. He ain’t. He’s really Superman. When
    the Feds were calling Chuck Norris to bail them out, he called Rex
    for back up. Sure we rally 100% over kids in all walks of
    life, especially those fighting cancer, like Jack. But screw
    with those kids, like you did to the innocent eight year old boy
    Martin and we’ll make sure your appointment with God is granted
    ASAP. No, there won’t be 70 dates lined up for ya either – so
    you’ve died a virgin and a virgin you’ll remain! You will
    find the pressure cooker bomb filled back pack you placed right by
    Martin repeatedly shoved “up yours” for eternity.
    Rex and Jack - we protect
and honor kids

    Rex and Jack – we protect
    and honor kids

  6. Finally, cause if you
    do happen to bump into Rex, you’ll hack off everyone woman in the
    State. And you see, no right-to-bear arms queasiness in this
    Go Big Red State. All chica’s pack guns. And 99.5% of
    women think Rexy is Super Sexy. We wouldn’t call in DHS for
    back up – the exact opposite. We would have to call in DHS,
    NSA, CIA, whatever to stop them from crushing whatever hater
    homeland you really call home. So internet, wannabe,
    Jihadist, psychopaths keep out!
    Yes, our women can seriously
kick your butt and whatever punk cell you call home

    Yes, our women can
    seriously kick your booty and whatever punk cell you call