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Dogs and water

Posted: March 16, 2012 by Dave Kohrell in Running

Great group tempo and hill run last night. My ever faithful running companion, Heidi the wonder yellow lab, was along for the ride. The much warmer Spring than normal prompted a much greater water need. 6 miles in 65 degree weather was tougher on her than 31 miles in 30 degree weather two weeks ago.

Keep the pups watered well and down! As the picture shows they’re not to picky on how to get it!



Brick house!

Posted: March 14, 2012 by Dave Kohrell in Running, Triathlons
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Want to push yourself? Get faster, stronger, both? Try a brick workout – that mixes short distance (200 run, 1,000 bike or 50 meter swim) in chunks of 5. Repeat 4-5 times, keep your recovery short and watch your swim/bike/run/row raced sore.

Here’s an example from tonight with some cool friends (see pic below). This one mixed some strength too (kettle bell).

Kept clock rolling. 1/3 mile warm up w/ Heidi/ 1/4 w/ Freaky Fast gang Sherri PJ, Lissa and Tim. 4 bricks of 5- 200’s with rest = time for 200 x 1.2 to 1.5 (so a short rest). 25 kettle bell swings and squats to warm up (25# kb). Brick 1: 39, 42, 43, 45, 42. 15 kb swings. 3 minutes rest. Brick 2: 39. 42, 43 44, 42. 15 squats, Brick 3: 38, 41,39, 42, 39 4 min rest; Brick 4: 38, 40, 41, 41, 39. Brick 3 and 4 were fastest. 4k (2.48 m) – in 14minutes 6 seconds (5:41 mile pace). Jogged/walked 2 lap recovery. Last lap included KB – 10 curls (l/r), 10 side bends, 10 tri ext, 25 figure 8’s. (145 tot strength).


Four months of the best swimming since, well, high school notched 40 miles from November through February.  It was  a ton of fun to swim alongside my kids.  Got some great pointers from coaches and fellow swimmers (those ten year-old are swim savy!)  Wrapped it up with scrimmage with the UNL Swim Club on February 23.  Along the way I become a real USA Master’s swimmer, swam the one hour speedo swim challenge (2,775 yards) and figured out some much-needed stroke improvement.  While we had a very mild winter, there’s nothing better than swimming in the running “off-season”.  Beats the dreadmill any day! So hope to keep it up and double last years “laps”.

Angry Cow

Angry Cow Adventure - Run - Bike - Adventure!

Yesterday I was 9 miles shy of the 4 month swim total at my first ultra marathon – the Angry Cow Stampede in Wilderness Park, the Jamaica Trail and the Homestead Trail in Lincoln.  There were seven of us in the 50k, over 50 in the 1/2 marathon and a good number in the 6 mile.  Was enjoyable running with some other trail runners the first 6 – 7 miles (until the 1/2 marathon turned around). From mile 7 to 31 it was just me and my best running partner, Heidi along with some others on the beautiful trails.  Was able to cheer the four ahead and two behind me at the turn around.

My goal for this race was 1) bucket list an ultra trail run and 2) long run for the Lincoln and Sandhills marathons in May and June.  Sure it may seem crazy to go longer by six miles, but figure it’s time to put that marathon distance in context.  My goal pace was one minute slower than marathon target (so 10 minute mile).  The need to keep my pup hydrated and stiff wind coming back brought that right at 11 minutes.  Seeing my family at mile 25 and at the finish line was the best part. Though I think they were primarily concerned with the health of our dog!

My running mileage did not veer from the hybrid triathlon / CrossFit mix of the last couple of years. Weekly mileage continues in the 20’s.  I did get some quality long runs in (14, 16, 12 variety).  I also blended medicine ball, weighted vest, body strength exercises, dumbbells in two runs a week. That blended strength approach also jumped into the swimming (burpees and laps should never mix though). Call it crazy strength (cause I’m not always sure what will happen). I’m longing to jump back into the CrossFit Lincoln family and now that my employment is close by, I’ll be able to do so!.

PS. Some poser hacked the root domain for coachdavek – am deciding whether to go with an “org” or coach-davek.  Will continue with the wordpress extension for now.