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#CFE Max Dist Run – 90 min – home to MoPac 3 + by coachdavek at Garmin Connect – Details.

I’ve used a Garmin (205 and 405) for the last few years. Sometimes I love it, other times it frustrates me (when quirks such as lock up or ventures into bizzaro satellite search mode during a marathon happens). Today I really like it. Finally got around to syncing the Garmin with my dailymile account and blog. Fun stuff!

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Just say no to LSD!

Sunday had a great long run – 15 miles (maybe .1 short but was done when I hit home).


OK, not the course we ran Sunday... but Pikes Peak was on my mind!

Held a 8:53 average with 9:37 for slowest mile and 7:31 for fastest.  At mile 5 I joined in with some freaky fast runners, who were soaking in the mid 60’s February day in Nebraska.  A rare weather treat.  I tried to keep sight of the lead pack of Joel, Megan and PJ which helped me score a sub 24:30 5k (7:58 pace),  made the turn around and back to where the gang started (holding a 8:42 pace for the return trip of 4 miles, was good seeing Sherri, Joy, Amber and Tony on the way back!).

Was feeling thirsty at mile 12.  Water bottle was running low. My wonder dog Heidi was fine – still lots of snow to chew on and puddles to drink in!  Slogged home at a 9:25 to 9:37 pace for mile 12.5 to 15 and called it good.

Big learning moment –  8:45-9:15 is now my Long Slow Distance.  I’ll test this for 18-20 but am very encouraged of the impact that CrossFit Endurance has made over the last year.  The CFE protocol rarely calls for runs longer than 2 hours.  In the past LSD runs were 9:45 to 11:00 minutes.  My body would ache a good day or so.  Now I feel good enough later in the day for some strength training and speed work within 48 hours.

So if LSD runs are bringing you down – ratchet up the speed and decrease the distance.  You might be amazed!

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Today I learned the importance of camera zoom for my CrossFit WOD.  Try to minimize your scaling (down in my case) and avoid the firebreathers!  🙂

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NYC 1/2 Marathon - Fundraiser for Fresh Air Fund

Sara Wilson from the Fresh Air Fund reached out to me via email to see if I would share a little bit on the CoachDaveK blog. I checked it out. It’s a great concept. The Fresh Air Fund provides support to New York City kids to spend time with host families each summer. Was thinking about the outdoor activities I take for granted with my kids in Nebraska and our visits to nearby states, especially the mountains of Colorado.

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Rachael’s birthday dinner

Posted: February 3, 2011 by Dave Kohrell in Triathlons

A little birthday fun for my sweet daughter’s 13th birthday!

Rachael's bday dinner

Happy happy birthday on this day to you...

Bigfoot and other exercise myths!Good article by someone I respect – Dave Fatula from SEPI.

4 myths that can hinder longer term gains:

  1. Women shouldn’t strength / weight train (no, all people all ages need to build strength – muscles, ligaments, tendons yearn for it)
  2. Aerobic only exercise will get ‘er done (no, you’ll find fast declining, diminishing returns after a year or so)
  3. My trainer always knows best (hopefully, but do they really know)
  4. I can trust all magazine articles/ dvds (sometimes the wrong form is introduced and it’s hard to know if you’re doing it right).

Read the rest here

Snow day fun!

Posted: February 1, 2011 by Dave Kohrell in Exercise - brain connection
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Even with -15 degrees windchills some snow fun can be had!  The girls and dogs played for 15 minutes outside, shielded from the brunt of a 20-25mph north wind.

The time over distance, speed/strength over LSD (long slow distance) and intensity of effort over “logging miles” has sunk in deeply now.  In looking at January I could feel a few different ways:

  • Down because my running miles were low (67) and almost 1/2 of a year ago.
  • Excited because I had over 300 aerobic miles and several anaerobic sessions (the aerobic miles inflated due to indoor bike/spinning)
  • Steady because I hit a target time goal of 26-30 hours each month or 50-55 minutes each day.

I’ll chose steady.

Daily mile allows a nice quick summary for both time and distance.  I’m hoping to see some drill down ability for


Time is my primary outcome measure now

Rowing and CrossFit/Fitness categories – but I’m not picky.  It’s nice to have a utility that lets me track it all.

Here’s January’s summary

  • Total miles: 301
  • Cycling (trainer, spin, rinse, repeat) – 222
  • Running – 67
  • Rowing – 10
  • Swimming – 2
  • CrossFit WOD’s – 11

February may have a different mix of aerobic miles.  My plan though is a little more swimming, less spinning, running up to 90-100 miles, same row and 12 CrossFit WOD”s.  The idea is flexibility, intensity and consistency.  I would rather hit  rowing/bike/swim at 100% than just log miles on ice (though sometimes I’ll use the mental discipline and crank some miles in -10 weather).


My primary exercise outcome measure from 1992-2009, no longer the case.

Similarly if my shoulders are screaming after a CrossFit WOD (lets say pull up, thruster or wall ball intensive one)  I’ll rest from swimming and rowing for a day or two.  I’ll bike or run instead.  Over the last year I’ve found rowing to be the closest substitute for running in terms of distance and effort.

Quick question for you all, how do you gauge your exercise outcome and success?