Cold Weather Running

Posted: January 22, 2011 by Dave Kohrell in Running
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Snow Run with Dogs

The dogs are always ready for a cold run - ice looks good on their whiskers


Don’t let the cold, ice, snow stop you from getting outside.  The indoor work from swimming, spinning, rowing, lifting, metcon and treadmill are healthy cross training pursuits – sometimes you just got to get outside.  Was a perfect cold weather day for the dogs – Ace and Heidi and people – Becky, Laura, myself (top picture, left to right)) and Joel (bottom picture on the right) to get out.

What makes for a perfect cold weather run day?

Start with true temperature – today it was 12-15 degrees. A little chilly but not too bad.

Now add in wind speed – no wind today.  In Nebraska it’s not uncommon for 20-25mph wind gusts join in the cold – that makes it nasty.

Finally what are the conditions – dry (best), (light snow pack with some ice under (ok) snow packed of 1-3 inches, (ok), icy (bad) or heavy snow (more than 3 inches).  Yak Trax and spikes are good for heavier snow pack or ice – seems you need constant cover though – a mix of dry pavement and ice sort of plays fits for the Trax or spikes.

snow run 2011

Laura, myself and Joel posing fast in 15 degree weather


Today it was just a light layer of snow over occasional ice.  A warmer pair of trail shoes worked.

Be sure to bundle up in the most important parts of your body – heads and hands (two layers with mittens).  Your trunk and legs will stay pretty warm.  After 20 minutes you may find yourself on the warm side if you bundled too much.  Wear synthetic / performance gear for first layer.  I’m a little crazy but as long as I have the longer Armor Under shorts – I’m comfortable without tights if it’s above 10 degrees (air or windchill).

  1. Amber says:

    I think you’re right on about the cold weather gear. I’ve been running in under armour tights and another layer of pants and been a bit warm. Only 1 pair of gloves and my hands have been getting cold. I need to get some mittens. Sounds like you guys had a Nice run. Glad you took pictures-I’m starting to miss you all!

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