Pushups aren’t just pushups anymore!

Posted: January 7, 2011 by Dave Kohrell in Crossfit, Strength Training
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Credit for discovering this hard core exercise video series from “coach tara” from YouTube (she has over 40 of them) is Joel Grenemeier.  He’s a fine Lincoln East Alum who hits his workouts hard!  Now that my 52 week journal of CrossFit is nearly done – am focusing on specific exercises that push, pull or propel fitness.  There’s well over 52 – enough for the whole year.

So am starting with the foundational exercise – Push Up. The push up is a perfect body weight exercise that works the pectoral region and triceps.  It can be expanded to work the whole body!

For those that have dabbled in P90x – Tony Horton has over eight varieties.  Chest to Deck and Hand Stand Push Ups are a mainstay of CrossFit.  Neither one tops the variety that Coach Tara has here -oh and she’s 42.  So no excuses!

For a list of Coach Tara’s videos on You Tube – go to http://www.youtube.com/user/CoachTara#p/u/11/2J8ol7BEwq8

  1. Joel Grenemeier says:

    Awe Shucks!!!! thanks Dave.

  2. […] do deck.  Straight down and up.  Do it right!  Push ups in their variety, shared previously, are wonderful!  Ever wonder what the strict, proper form is?  No better […]

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