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Dog Sense

Posted: January 29, 2011 by Dave Kohrell in Running
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Two of my four favorite girls

Heidi and her buddy - Annaliese!

Just got back with my #1 faithful training partner Heidi, yellow lab and was reminded that there is such a thing as dog sense.  About 2.5 miles into a 7 mile run I went straight at  the trailhead of a famous local bike trail (MoPac) where we usually turn left or right.  She stopped and nodded to left, right and started to tug to the left (or into the countryside).  I told her “ok girl” and she nodded and then proceeded to drag me onward.   She looked back a few times just to make sure the endorphins were not getting the best of me!

TJ Murphy

Brian McKenzie and TJ Murphy - CrossFit Endurance!

Some love for CrossFit Endurance.  Running competitor shares and update of T.J. Murphy – 2:28 marathoner and his jump into CrossFit Endurance.  His mentor is Brian McKenzie, founder of CrossFit Endurance.  T.J. began a slow adoption process of CrossFit in 2011 to overcome an aerobic only induced knee injury.  I’m eager to see his results and discoveries.



Daniel Martinez shares a three prong of Olympic weightlifting techniques for speed, strength and power.   That range includes:

  • Ballistic/Plyometric – max speed, bodyweight to light load;
  • Speed-strength – speed is dominant, light load;
  • Strength-speed – strength is dominant, moderate to max load.

Check it out!



CrossFit Logo Baby!

Slate Magazine is on a roll.  After digging deep into the beginning of the 20th century, Annie Lowery jumps into 2011 with a quick, somewhat superficial review in her January 20th “Work Out So Hard You Vomit, The rise of P90X, CrossFit, and the “extreme” exercise routine.”


The article focused more on the business models of Beachbody (parent company of many professionally produced exercise video series such as P90x, Insanity, etc) and CrossFit (the open source, “bootcamp” oriented fitness movement).  There was a brief review of each program (P90x and CrossFit) and then a contrast between the two.

I pipped in a little bit in terms of my direct observation over the last year.  CrossFit’s founder, Greg Glassman, tends to evoke an either powerful positive or negative response in terms of style and CrossFit affiliates are painted in an extreme light.  P90x was cast in a generally more favorable light but with a “campy” label and focus on Beachbody’s ever-expanding revenue motivation.

Here’s my quick thought – either program is a powerful introduction for someone leading a sedentary lifestyle or a training boon for someone (like myself) who had been out-of-balance in terms of aerobic only exercise.   Those two along with the emerging “bootcamp” approach to training and maintain High Intensity Interval Training/ Circuit Training, Pilates, etc., are far better than the alternative – nothing, sitting, eroding health.

And as I shared in my comment to Lowery’s article, I have not been pushed to beyond what my capacity or into “pukey” land by any of the seven CrossFit trainers I’ve learned from.  Each one has stressed form over load (weight).

So go out and workout hard!  You’ll have fun.  Even if you’re 45 years old or older/younger!

JP  Muller

Get ripped without only body weight? You bettcha!

Sometimes what worked in 1904 can work today!  Saw this article link posted by Sydney Brown, elite cyclist from Lincoln.  100 years before Tony Horton (P90x), Gregg Glassman (CrossFit founder) or Jillian Michaels – J.P. Muller introduced a body weight only exercise regiment.  Based on a quick rotation through swings, pushups, situps, etc for 15 minutes each day, the idea was revolutionary at the time.  It also confronted the sedentary, gaunt, corset and tux wearing society of the day.  Hmm, wonder if people think we’ve grown a bit soft?

Take a peek of the article from Slate.

Snow Run with Dogs

The dogs are always ready for a cold run - ice looks good on their whiskers


Don’t let the cold, ice, snow stop you from getting outside.  The indoor work from swimming, spinning, rowing, lifting, metcon and treadmill are healthy cross training pursuits – sometimes you just got to get outside.  Was a perfect cold weather day for the dogs – Ace and Heidi and people – Becky, Laura, myself (top picture, left to right)) and Joel (bottom picture on the right) to get out.

What makes for a perfect cold weather run day?

Start with true temperature – today it was 12-15 degrees. A little chilly but not too bad.

Now add in wind speed – no wind today.  In Nebraska it’s not uncommon for 20-25mph wind gusts join in the cold – that makes it nasty.

Finally what are the conditions – dry (best), (light snow pack with some ice under (ok) snow packed of 1-3 inches, (ok), icy (bad) or heavy snow (more than 3 inches).  Yak Trax and spikes are good for heavier snow pack or ice – seems you need constant cover though – a mix of dry pavement and ice sort of plays fits for the Trax or spikes.

snow run 2011

Laura, myself and Joel posing fast in 15 degree weather


Today it was just a light layer of snow over occasional ice.  A warmer pair of trail shoes worked.

Be sure to bundle up in the most important parts of your body – heads and hands (two layers with mittens).  Your trunk and legs will stay pretty warm.  After 20 minutes you may find yourself on the warm side if you bundled too much.  Wear synthetic / performance gear for first layer.  I’m a little crazy but as long as I have the longer Armor Under shorts – I’m comfortable without tights if it’s above 10 degrees (air or windchill).

Incline Sit-ups

Posted: January 21, 2011 by Dave Kohrell in Crossfit, Strength Training
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With proper form situps on the incline can really accelerate your ab development and cutting.  The proper form involves never getting too loose or relaxed on the down and curling up gently on the up.  The following video emphasizes this well.  Add in some resistance from a friend or weights and you’ll get an extra bonus.  Work in some twists as too and help tame those obliques (aka love handles)

finish line

Racing like Lightning McQueen - Cha Ching!

52 weeks of CrossFit Workouts Of the Day and Triathlon Training.   Add in the P90x round from October of 2009 to January 17 of 2010 and that’s a solid 65 week test of cross training.  The detailed statistics are available in a year end capper.  I also shared some candid results in the “Proof Positive of Training Change after the Tulsa Marathon”.  So there’s been enough summarizing already!

The last five weeks were a true rush of activity – catching up on some cycle, row and swim miles.  I have been ramping up the CrossFit WOD’s in preparation of returning to CrossFit Lincoln (which began last week!).  Through all of that and the normal Christmas – New Year’s activity rush I felt comfortable and strong.

So without further ado – here’s the highlights.

For the next 52 weeks, I’ll pop in a quick blurb from time to time regarding my weekly training.  Feel free to join me on Daily Miles for the weekly logs.  I’ve been looking at a lot, and I mean a lot, of aerobic / anaerobic/ strength training exercises and will be share much more on those in 2011.  So keep your browsers open and check back!

Five Week Stats Day 329 – 365

Week ending 12/19 12/26 1/2 1/9 1/16
Running 11.5 8 16 9.5 17
Walking / Hiking 0 0 0 0 0
Cycling/spinning 21.7 27 33 30.5 88
Swimming .57 .71 3.1 .85 0
Rowing 3.11 0 4.35 .62 3.5
CrossFit WOD’s 3 3 4 2 2
Total miles, Time. Workouts (WODs), Highlights 37 miles
Mix of workouts and CF Whitten
35 miles
4:15 hrs
Power Snatch WOD & Workout Mix
62 miles
7:48 hrs
15 WODs
Wrapped up 2010 miles – 3 mi of swim, great spin, CF WODs, 7.35 6 mile run
41 miles 4:19 hrs
10 WODs
CrossFit Luce.
109 miles, 7:27 hrs
11 WODs
Not a mileage hog but all those spin miles add up.  Plus 63 miles on bike on Friday evening into early Saturday


Posted: January 17, 2011 by Dave Kohrell in Crossfit, Strength Training
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Google sit-up, situps or sit up and you’ll find the first 20 websites are against the sit-up.  Why the hate?  The majority of those sites have some product to peddle or magic pill to sell.  A few references are good and provide substantive caution regarding sit-ups and crunches.

I include a variety of sit-up forms and other ab exercises 3-4 times a week.  One of my first blog posts addressed core and pillar strength.  As we continue the exercise exploration in 2011 – I hope to share that core and pillar strength is so much more than just strong 6 or 8 pack abs.  It’s your entire trunk which benefits from complex, whole body movement

For now, situps are OK.  Shine some love on them.  No hate!

Joshua’s War Wound

Posted: January 17, 2011 by Dave Kohrell in Triathlons
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Rug Burn


Just slightly proud of my son Joshua’s war wound (OK turf burn from indoor football).  He made the stop and had a great game with the Nebraska Football Academy and his friends.