Week 16 of Crossfit WOD’s + Triathlon Training

Posted: May 20, 2010 by Dave Kohrell in Crossfit, Marathons, Swimming
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Weekly stats – total miles 38.57,  total time –  6 hours 57 minutes
* Running –  37  miles
* Walking – 1 miles
* Bike/spinning – 0 miles
* Swimming – .57 miles
* Rowing – . miles
* Crossfit – WOD (workout of the day) – 1

Juggled the normal second week of a post marathon recovery with getting ready for a second marathon in 13 days.  I like these type of challenges but question my sanity in doing so (nah!).

Sunday, Day 106 (5/9) – Two 5k runs – one with Heidi and Cash in the morning and one with another favorite gal of mine, Annaliese at the Girls On The Run 5k at Holmes Lake.  What a great time and organization.  It’s the 3rd GOTR my girls have done and has been a blessing!

Monday, Day 107 (5/10) – Rest

Tuesday, Day 108 (5/11) – 4.5 miles at Holmes Lake with the gang.  Began with 1.5 mile warm up then 11 repeat hills / straight away of slightly over a quarter mile for each lap.  Great workout!

Wednesday,  Day 109 (5/12)– Crossfit Lincoln WOD.  “Cindy” AMRAP in 20 minutes of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats. 12 rounds in (60 pull/chin, 120 pull an and 180 squat). Warm up with 100 jump rope. Final metcon/ strength workout before Brookings Marathon. No weight other than body weight this week. Felt good to stir the muscles a bit

Thursday, Day 110 (5/13) –  1,000 yard swim in 22 minutes.  Good to get back in the pool !

Brookings Marathon Mile 12 with Michelle

Mile 12 - still smiling, at this point

Friday, Day 111  (5/14) –  1 mile walk with Heidi before driving to Brookings South Dakota.  I’ve found it’s helpful to do a little something before the day of the marathon to help stretch and loosen up the muscles.  Was feeling the Wednesday Crossfit Lincoln “Cindy” a bit too much.  Note to self, based on Lincoln Marathon pre-week as well, no heavy lifting or metcon workouts within 5 days of a marathon!  😉

Saturday, Day 112 (5/15) – My 19th marathon – The Brookings Marathon.   4.22.57!  The second marathon in two weeks was fun.  I took a better race strategy, front half was 9 minutes slower than Lincoln, back half was 5 minutes faster.  Felt much better on the back half – a little pressed from mile 21 to 24.  I think some of that is mental – adapting to the new strength/stamina and running technique.   At the next marathon, Omaha in September, I’ll push the “ignore” button even harder.  Found as I focused on the three pillars of the Pose technique – slight lean, fall forward, pull up at a faster cadence – from mile 21 on I was fine.  All in all a good day and 5th fastest marathon!  Have two more opportunities to get under 4 hours this year (which is a 31 minute cut for me) and then on to Boston Qualifier in 2011.

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