Sugar Supresses Immune System | Mark’s Daily Apple

Posted: March 30, 2010 by Dave Kohrell in Nutrition
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Sugar Supresses Immune System | Mark’s Daily Apple

Been studying about nutrition and slowly transforming my family’s lives since October 2009.  There’s a two prong purpose: 1) eat as healthful and simply as possible and 2) save money by avoiding fast food and excess.  I’m not a strong advocate of mixes, shakes, recovery drinks – they do have their place.  I personally trend toward whole, non processed foods along a Zone, Paleo line.  Carbs do have their place – so sorting through all of that.

This is a good article in one of the areas I’ve needed improvement – raising HDL – the good cholestoral.  My tendency toward sweets and rationalization of ability to burn off through triathlon pursuits, have trended toward a balance of 1) overall low cholestoral BUT 2) not enough HDL.  Am setting a cholesterol check in mid April to see what impact better nutrition has made.

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