CF WOD: Tabata 02/17/2010

Posted: February 17, 2010 by Dave Kohrell in Crossfit
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So many fun new torturous routines in Crossfit’s Workout in the Day.   The emphasis on each one is 1) anaerbobic burst 2) whole body movement and 3) time.   A new one today for the Bellevue University Cross Fit  was a Tabata .  In 20 minutes someone moves through 4 routines, with a 20 second on and 10 second recovery rep rotation of 8 in each.  The score is calculated by choosing your low score.  So the pressure is on to at least hit minimum.

tabahatta this or that

Raw Tabata score on the window

Today the routines were, squats (air squats, no weights), pull ups (jump in my case) and situps.  Sounds easy?  Sure until the 2nd or 3rd rep rotation / set.  My score (again the low) was Rowing 6 calories, Squats -11, Pull Ups 8 and Situps 8 for a total of 33. The sum total was 56 calories for Rowing (500 meters), 99 squats, 78 pull ups and 79 situps.   Nice little 20 minute workout!

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