Week 13 and Rd 1 of P90x is done, after shot and next up – Crossfit

Posted: January 23, 2010 by Dave Kohrell in Crossfit, P90x, Running, Swimming
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Weekly stats
* Running – 22.4 miles
* Bike/spinning – 12 miles
* Swimming – 1 mile
* Crossfit – WOD – Burpees w/ Pull and Double Downers/Back Extensions
* P90x – Chest and Back, Shoulders and Arms, Ab RiperX


The after shot.

All shuddering aside, here’s the “graduation pic” taken after this morning’s run —

Week 13 is a short, recovery week for P90x. A couple of Core Synergies, Yoga, Kenpo and you’re done! I adjusted a bit and picked up some of the core rotation (chest / back and shoulders /arms) and began my next venture with Crossfit. If P90x is a tough undergrad degree – Crossfit is the killer grad degree. I’m grateful for P90x – don’t think I would fare well going direct to Crossfit. But now that I’m there I can see the continuation of muscle confusion on a whole body way. I’ll scribe more on the contrast / comparisons in the following weeks. They both provide a big kick in the fitness buns!

Sunday, Day 85 – Recovered from the 18 mile run with a shade over 4 mile run for the Lincoln Track Club renewal run and dinner. Great to see so many long time friends! Got to catch up with running buds from the 90’s – Bob Reed and B. J. Spring. Wonderful to see how the sport of running continues to grow by leaps and bounds!

Monday, Day 86 – A short indoor recumbent bike ride at the Y (5 miles) and some Chest – Back. I deviated from the final week routine and wanted to hit the “core” again. Was fun to top 200 total pushups and 70 pull ups (still need the machine of chair to do all pull ups).   But a rush to see the improvement!

Tuesday, Day 87 – Shoulder and Arms at Bellevue University and I studied the “bu.crossfit.blogger.com” a bit more along with the printouts from Mr. Ripped Bellevue U – Mike Livergood.  This crossfit looks insane. That just happens to match my personality!  Inspired by another discovery, indoor running at the UNL indoor track at Devaney Sports Center, I cranked through 10 x 800’s (Yasso’s 800’s).  I’ve cranked my share of 800’s but it’s been since 1996 that I tried the full Yasso.  After reading his book – it’s true that the 9th and 10th one test you the most.  Averaged 4:02 – slowest was 4:07, fastest was 3:52 – good consistency.  Was a rush just to run without worrying about ice!

Wednesday, Day 88 – A bit of rest day – worked core at the Y using the Ab RiperX routine – whole body was sore from Mon/Tues P90x farewell routine.  Incorporated light medicine ball on Mason Twist!

Thursday, Day 89-  First Crossfit routine – 100 Burpees.  These combine the torture of push ups and pull ups with the intensity of plyo routine.  Got 100 Burpees with 45 pull ups in 23 minutes.  Wow. Talking about spiking heart rate – was in the 160 range.  By comparison I rarely got much above 125 with P90x Plyo.

Friday, Day 90 – P90x graduation day.  And I celebrated with my second Workout Of the Day (WOD) from crossfit.  It was a fun mix of 50 jump rope (did singles not double downer) and 50 back extensions.  At best I got 30 jumps in and would rest.  You repeat that set 3 times.  Got it all done in 12 minutes plus change and was trembling.   At night swam a 1,000 and got some good reinforcement and coaching from ubber  triathlete phenom Eric Shanks (also coach for the Y dolphins).  My shoulder and leg rotation is much better but need to relax hands going in.  Was nice to swim in 1:44 range on repeat 100’s — of course having my 10 year old son Joshua pass me on kick board was a good humbling moment 😉

Saturday, Day 91 – Ran 6 miles with dogs – we’ll go a little longer tomorrow.  Made the decision to forgo an earlier run as the rain cascaded down.

Back next week with either Week 1 of CF WOD or something snappy like that.

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