Saturday morning run, P90x wrap up (details to come) and hello Crossfit!

Posted: January 23, 2010 by Dave Kohrell in Marathons, P90x, Running, Triathlons
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Just got back from a nice, even 6 mile run. We’ll get a longer run in tomorrow – but nice to get a relatively quick six in. Still a bit slick in places, the 43 degree weather helped! The running gang opted out of a 5:30am run – checked in at 4:45am and the 35 degree rain with melting snow / ice made it a bit slippery.

Will be sharing wrap up details for P90x in a bit. Wonderful core and all around workout.

My new passion is It’s shares some muscle confusion concepts but in a radical whole body movement way. It’s also the “open source” community feel to the more polished beachbody commercial vibe. Now I thoroughly enjoyed P90x and highly recommend it – just taking the next step


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